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TMS Sixth Grade Class Is Being Tested For COVID-19

By Charlie Feldman

Five students in a sixth grade class at Triad Middle School have tested positive for COVID-19. Only two or three are required to be an outbreak.

They were sent home. The other students in the class are taking two kinds of COVID tests during this week.

“Our parents are being very cooperative,” said Triad School District assistant superintendent Kennan Fagan. “They want their students to remain in-person.”

He said there were no protests over that, “not to my knowledge.”

The entire school district is fully masked, he said, “Even the students who went home.

“But students have commonalities beyond and outside our school every day,” he added. “They go to sporting events, play in the same neighborhood, they go to birthday parties. They have all kinds of things they go to outside of school. Those five kids are located in the same classroom. They could have as well shared the same swimming pool the weekend before.”

Many of these activities are being done without masks. But not in school. “Masks have a lot to do with it,” Fagan said. “We’re safe in school.”

This is a developing story.

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