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Triad Hearing Canceled, Can Be Reset If Requested

By Charlie Feldman

The hearing for the lawsuit filed by three parents suing the Triad School District over the mask mandate was canceled by agreement of all the parties involved, according to a clerk in Madison County Judge Ron Foster’s office today, September 30.

Originally scheduled on Wednesday, September 29, the hearing date can be reset upon request, the clerk said.

Parents Jamey Hartley, Autumn Meier and Amy Honer had filed for temporary restraining orders to allow their children to attend school without masks.

In an unrelated case, four teachers from the Triad District and three from the Edwardsville District are suing their districts.

The four Triad District teachers are Christina Becker, Vicki Brides, Jessica Green and Amber Stevens. Two are Teachers Education Association officers.

The court cases are under the Miscellaneous Remedy category. Foster handles those, sometimes on Zoom.

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