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New County Board District Map To Be Discussed At Public Hearing November 15

Madison County Government Relations Committee Chairman Chris Guy (R-Maryville) filed a 26 seat map for the public to view and provide feedback. The proposed map would reduce the board and save taxpayers thousands.

“The map under consideration would reduce the board by three seats, save taxpayers 10%, and provide substantially equal representation throughout the county,” said Government Relations Committee Chairman Chris Guy. “I encourage the public to provide feedback on the proposed map as this opportunity only takes place once every ten years as a result of state law.”

The proposed 26 seat map will be discussed publicly at the bi-partisan Government Relations Committee meeting to be held at the Madison County Administration Building, located at 157 N. Main Street today November 1, at 3:30 pm, with an additional public hearing and potential vote to take place on Monday, November 15 at 4:30 pm.

Pending a vote by the bi-partisan Government Relations Committee, the County Board may have the option to consider its new county board district boundaries at its regularly scheduled meeting to be held on Wednesday, November 17 at 5:00 pm.

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