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Maryville Board Passes Matching Fund Resolution For Roundabout

By Charlie Feldman

The Maryville Village Board passed an Illinois Department of Transportation funding resolution for the Keebler Road/Illinois Route 162 Roundabout Project at its Wednesday, December 1 meeting.

The village will pay $347,000 or as much is needed to match federal funds for completion of the project.

“This is the third time we have done this resolution,” said Mayor Craig Short, “only because the funding amount changes. We just had to sign a new agreement. It is still scheduled for bid-letting on January 22.”

The board approved an engineering services agreement with Juneau Associates, Inc., P.C. to assist in obtaining a grant from the Heartland Conservancy for repairs and improvements to the Burdock Creek.

It also accepted a bid from Stutz Excavating Inc. for stormdater repairs to five locations believed by the mayor to be the worst in the area for a total amount of $39,900. The company will do excavations, joints and collars, etc. Money from American Recovery Funds can be used to pay for the project, Short said.

Of those funds, $2,100 is earmarked moving and replacing fences that are in the 20-foot easement that is scheduled to be replaced at one of the properties

The village also voted to charge a $10 limb and brush pickup user fee beginning on January 1, 2022. This reduces the new $25 charge per drop the city now pays per drop-off at Midwest Mulch and Co. in Troy. With an average of more than 50 pickups per month the cost to the village to drop them off would be  $25,000-$30,000 per year, according to Street Superintendent Bob Keplar. If a resident pays the $10, the village will provide the vehicle and the labor to haul the waste away. If residents do not pay the fee, they will be placed on a do-not-pickup list and will have to drop off their own limbs.

“If we have a storm come through and trees and stuff come down, we will not be charging them then,” Short said. “That’s part of our agreement with the Township. They will come and help us if it’s that extensive.”

In other action the board renewed its liability and workers’ compensation insurance with Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust effective December 1, 2021 with an annual premium of $314,828.

Fire Chief George May reported that during the month of November, his department responded to 76 EMS calls, seven alarms, three structure fire calls, three miscellaneous alarms, two motor vehicle crashes and one CO emergency for a total of 92 responses. The total for the fire department’s fiscal year is 1,288.

Building and Zoning Administrator Shane Fulton said that last month the village issued 14 building permits at a total cost of $8,569.30. The year-to-date total for permits is $63,088.98 with a total evaluation of $17,141,138.

Police Chief Rob Carpenter reported that during November, his department responded to 453 calls for service, issued 44 traffic citations and responded to 12 motor vehicle accidents.

Jeremy Stone was appointed to the Park and Recreation Committee. His term will expire April 30, 2022.

The next board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 15 at Village Hall.


  1. Anonymous on December 5, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Brad Sewell. Collinsville Township Trustee
    I am looking into the ability for Collinsville Township to put a measure on the next ballot “shall Collinsville Township provide leaf and limb pickup to all residents of Collinsville Township?”
    Let the voters decide yes or no. Then we find the most cost effective way to do it. But we do it for everybody and not just those people in the unincorporated areas. What do you think? I’m taking an informal poll.

  2. Anonymous on December 4, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    I hate roundabouts because you don’t really know if people are going to stop and yield or not. I avoid them whenever possible.

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