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Collinsville School Board Reviews District Construction Projects

By Kathy Turner

Collinsville Superintendent Dr. Brad Skertich presented members of the Board of Education with plans and information on upcoming construction projects during the Special Meeting of the Board on Monday, February 7.  Two items for discussion were the summer projects planned at Webster School and the Collinsville High School locker room renovation.

The Webster Phase II renovation will include asbestos abatement, HVAC renovations, replacing floors and ceilings.  The ceiling and floor replacement will be in the second-floor classroom wing and the auditorium area.  The work will be done during the summer months of 2022.  Bid for the renovation came in at $871,680 which is under budgeted funds.

The Collinsville High School summer project will be in the boys’ locker room.  Improvements will include new flooring, a new locker room and new rest rooms.  The locker room will have new floors, new locker benches, new restrooms and new lighting.  There will also be a new public restroom, three single use restrooms and new floors and ceilings in the corridor area.  The cost of the project is $576,000.

The Board then received a report on the most recent plans and drawings for the Caseyville Elementary and Dorris Intermediate School projects.  The projects are still in the final planning stages with decisions being made on flooring, external surfaces of the buildings, and design elements.  Dr. Skertich walked the board through the latest renditions and encouraged them to closely review the plans and offer suggestions for discussion items at future meetings.

The new Caseyville Elementary School will offer four classrooms per grade level, additional rooms for nurses’ office, EL Rooms, Special Ed rooms, music room, an OT/PT room, and a separate Pre-K classroom.  There will also be playgrounds for both the younger students and the older students at the school.

Financing for the project will be 30% local funding and 70% grant funding.  There is an $18.8 million cost maximum.

The Dorris Intermediate School project will be an addition.  The addition will be a two-floor structure with four classrooms on each floor.  There will also be four restrooms included in the addition.  Total estimated cost of the project is $4.8 million.

The Board will continue to review the proposed plans and anticipates further discussion at the next regular meeting of the Board.  That meeting will be held on Monday, February 28.

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