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Troy Passes Ordinance Allowing Golf Carts And All-Terrain Vehicles On City Streets

By Stephanie Malench

The Troy City Council met on February 7 and approved several important ordinances an resolutions. During City Administrator comments, Jay Keeven announced that the city applied for an received a $41,000 grant from Madison County for the Main St. project.

Police Chief Brent Shownes reported that on January 29 the police responded to an incident in the 600 block of Edwardsville Road where a male had been shot in the arm due to a “road rage” incident.

The suspect had fled the scene and was later caught through the use of license plate reader cameras coming off the interstate and local business surveillance cameras.

Police later arrested Kijuan Glass, 27, of East St. Louis for Aggravated Battery with a Firearm (Class X Felony), Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm (Class 1 Felony) and Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons (Class 4 Felony). Shownes stressed this was not a random incident and was a targeted attack.

Two requests were approved to purchase two new vehicles for the city, a 2021 Ford F150 extended cab not to exceed $31,000 and a 2021 Ford Expedition not to exceed $47,000. Because they were not in this year’s budget, a 2/3 majority was required for them to pass. Both passed unanimously.

During the Public Works Committee report, approval was granted to accept the lowest bid for playground equipment from Planning Design Studio in the amount of $183,850. The expenditure is currently budgeted for out of TIF funds, but a resolution was passed later in the evening authorizing Mayor Dave Nonn to apply for PEP grant funding through the Madison County Park Commission Funds program for up to $43,840.

A resolution was passed authorizing the Mayor to execute Task Order #1 Phase 1 of the wastewater treatment plant  upgrades with TWM Inc. This design phase will include a new biological treatment system, a replacement structure for the existing Bar Screen and Grit Removal System, improvements to the Effluent Parshall Flume, new UV Disinfecting System, a louvre system on the south and west faces of the existing Sludge Storage Canopy, and repairs to the Labratory/Garage Building.

A new North Terminal Lift Station replacing the Riggin Road, Sherwood Forest, and Zenk Road lift stations is also part of this phase.

Two resolutions in support of 20% local funds to match an STP grant from East West Gateway for the Riggin Road reconstruction project and the Bouse Road reconstruction project. The city can only receive one of the grants.

The Council also unanimously passed an ordinance allowing non-highway vehicles such as golf carts and all-terrain vehicles on city streets.

All persons wishing to operate an allowed non-highway vehicle on city streets must meet the following criteria:

•have minimum required liability insurance and maintain proof of insurance;

•register the vehicle and have it certified with the city through an inspection with the Chief of Police or his designee;

•comply with the rules established in the ordinance (available on the city website);

*be 18 years of age and possess a valid Illinois driver’s license.

The vehicle must be equipped with the following safety equipment:

• horn, turn signals mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle, windshield, steering wheel apparatus, rearview mirror, tires, approved “Slow Moving Vehicle” emblem on the rear of the vehicle;

•brakes and brake lights (at least two of which emit a red light visible from a distance of 100 feet), red reflectorized warning devices in the rear, orange/yellow in the front, a tail lamp that emits a red light visible from at least 100 feet from the rear, illuminated at all times when operated on city streets.

Non-highway vehicles are not allowed to cross Riggin Rd, Clay St., Staunton Rd, or Troy-O’Fallon Rd and cannot be operated at over 25 miles per hour. Vehicles are also not allowed on US Highway 40, Illinois 162, Collinsville Road, West Center St., East center St., South Dewey St. Wayland Ave, Creekside Dr., Bouse Rd, or any IDOT highway.

The next meeting will be February 22 at 7:30 p.m. due to the President’s Day holiday.


  1. Anonymous on February 12, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    ATVs will be loud and annoying to people living on the streets they travel on. Electric golf carts are probably okay.

  2. Anonymous on February 8, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Not a good idea. These vehicles are not quipped to be on the road. A fatality waiting to happen.

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