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Parking Banned On Main St. At School St. In Glen Carbon

By Kathy Turner

Several Glen Carbon residents and business representatives attended the Village Board meeting on Tuesday, February 22 to share thoughts on a proposed ordinance on the agenda of the regular meeting of the Board.  The ordinance under consideration would ban parking on a portion of Main Street in the Village.

First to speak was Jamie Wilkinson, owner and developer of the Olde Town development on Main Street.   He spoke of the hardship to the businesses should parking be banned, pointing out that public parking in the area was limited.  He told the Board that he was working on securing additional parking areas for his development, but the process was not yet complete.  He voiced his concerns that without adequate parking, Main Street businesses would be negatively impacted.

Kathy Latina spoke representing the St. Thomas Child Care facility.  She pointed out that staff parking at their lot is limited and some of the overflow often goes to the main street parking spots.  “We have a concern for the safety of the children during pick up times,” said Latina.  “A full lot leads to difficulty in controlling the traffic during those times.”

Karen Take spoke on behalf of herself and her husband, Don.  The Takes reside on Main Street and have had difficulty in the past because of filled parking spots on Main Street.  She pointed out that they must frequently call the police because their driveway is blocked.  The Takes also have difficulty in receiving mail because parking on Main Street prohibits mail drivers from getting to their mailbox on the street.  Discussions with the U.S. Post Office by both the Takes and Village officials have not yielded a solution to the problem.

Later in the meeting Trustee Harris moved for the passage of the Ordinance.  Todd Link, Chief of Police, offered comments to the board prior to their vote.  The ordinance calls for no parking from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday on the south side of Main Street beginning at a point 547 feet west of the intersection with School Street and extending northeasterly to a point 247 feet from said intersection with School Street.  The area will be marked with signs designating the restrictions.

Mayor Marcus pointed out that he had also received an email from attorney Leslie Wood who has an office on Main Street indicating her opposition because of the impact to her clients.  Board members expressed their appreciation to those who spoke but indicated that this ordinance has been in discussion since January and is the result of input to address ongoing impacts to residents along Main Street.

After stating that the impacts would be monitored over the next months and be revisited in summer 2022, it was unanimously approved by the Board.  The ordinance will go into effect immediately upon passage and as soon as appropriate signage can be installed.  Chief Link pointed out that initially violators would be issued warnings before transitioning to ticketing violators.

In other business, the Board approved three contracts for services for the 2022 Homecoming, schedule for June 18 and 19.  The first is a contract with J & M Displays for the fireworks display at a cost of $10,750.  The second was a contract with St. Peters Hardware & Rental for tents, tables and chairs for the event at a cost of $1,509.  The third was a contract with Republic Services for portable restroom facilities at a cost of $2,349.60.

The Village Board also improved the village fleet by authorizing the purchase of several new vehicles.  The Department of Building and Zoning will purchase a 2022 Ford Explorer 4 x 4 at a cost of $33,270 from Morrow Brothers of Greenfield, Illinois, an approved state contractor.  The Department of Public Works will purchase two new trucks, an F250 pickup and an F150 pickup, at a total cost of $76,050 also from Morrow Brothers.  All vehicles were budgeted for in fiscal year 2022.

Finally, the Board approved the addition of a 3-way stop sign at the Intersection of Cambury Drive and Meridian Oaks Drive in the Village.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.

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