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Suspect Steals Lottery Tickets From Local Convenience Store

On May 9, surveillance footage shows a man who reportly stole hundreds of dollars worth of lottery tickets from Casey’s located on Route 40 in Troy.

Police report that the suspect approached the cashier requested lottery tickets.  Once his card was declined he grabbed the lottery tickets and drove away in a Nissan Murano.

Law enforcement believe he may have  commited the same crime in other locations, such as Fairview Heights, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets and scatch offs.

“It looks like a legitimate sale at first, and he runs out, which is why he’s not repeating it at the same place,” said Troy Police Chief Brent Shownes.

Patricia Johnson, who works at the gas station said “We have a GroupMe app by Casey’s, so that is how all of our supervisors converse with just one one more. So there was an APB put out on him immediately as shortly as it transpired at our stores so we could be conscious.”

The online surveillance videoshows the suspect was wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, a black durag, and black tennis sneakers. Any person with data about the crimes or his whereabouts really should make contact with the local police or reach out to CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-Ideas (8477).

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