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Troy Council Take Action On Multiple Ordinances and Resolutions

By Devese Ursery


It was an extremely busy City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 6, as the board took action on eight ordinances and three resolutions, and a load of road construction projects. The first three ordinances had to do with authorizing the execution of water service and Pre- Annexation agreement that deals with individual properties on Rachel Court, 68 Lake Shore Drive, and 220 Michael Drive. These three individual properties are part of a new 20 year pre-annexation agreement that was enacted over 6 months ago. The 20-year agreement, which states, if the city touches the pre-annexed property within 20 years of the signed agreement, the property is automatically annexed. 


Another ordinance that was passed is the changes to Chapter 31 of the Code of Ordinances including meeting time change from 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on every first and third Monday of the month starting on June 20, 2022. 


City Clerk, Kim Thomas communicated in the meeting that the next meeting will be in the training room because early voting starts next Monday, May 13, and will continue through May 28, which is election day. 


The next three ordinances to come up were about annexing and zoning certain territories to and in the city of Troy. Those  areas are 2352 Stauton Road, 500 East Center Street, and 703 Huntley Court. 

There were two resolutions, Resolution 2022-26 and Resolution 2022-27, a resolution authorizing execution of a service agreement with the lowest responsible bidder for the supply of electricity for residential and small commercial retail customers who do not Opt Out of such a program. All resolutions and ordinances were adopted and passed as presented. 


Next the Director of Public Works Rob Hancock spent a bulk of his time on the floor discussing upgrades to the sewer plant where he recommended that the city move forward with the Aqua Nereda or Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) System, which is an innovative biological wastewater treatment system that provides advanced treatment using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass, which in turn translates into a flexible and compact process that offers energy efficiency and altogether lower chemical consumption. Construction of the Aqua Nereda system is anticipated to cost less, due to the smaller tank sizes. “While the upfront cost is more, the current rate structure is sufficient to cover the increase,” said Hancock. 


Mayor Dan Nonn suggests a public poll in order to get input from community residents on what to do about the issue of people and the disposal of yard waste, particularly leaves. The one suggestion that was proposed was burning leaves. but that brings along it’s own set of problems, like health and environmental issues. Some council members were reluctant to making more new rules for residents to follow, but feel something needs to be done. The main issue is the leaves getting into the city’s drainage and sewer systems, clogging them up and causing major storm water issues. 


“I think we’re all in favor of clean air, a clean environment. Our neighbors, kids with asthma and all those things. I don’t think anybody’s opposed to that … but the problem we’re having is people are raking their leaves in ditches or blowing them in the street and they are getting into the city’s storm water system and that’s creating a pretty substantial problem,” said Mayor Nonn.


There are a lot of kids with asthma and a lot of older folks, the mayor said… We need some guidelines, you know. Some kind of rule and hopefully the folks get on board with that and understand the direction we’re going.


The City Council meeting went well into the evening as the Public Works Committee spoke on the many projects coming to the streets of Troy. Developmental projects like the Carrington Farms and Carrington Villas, a 100 lot single family residential and 100 lot multi-family villas on Formosa Road. Osborne Development will agree to an agreement that requires them to break ground within 10-years and complete the development within 10 years. The Planning Commission endorsed the plan on June 3. The board reviewed the plan on June 7. The donation will be contingent upon the subdivision plans being approved by the city. A Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan and a roundabout on Old troy road and IL-162, to name a few.


The next Troy City Council Meeting will be on the Monday after elections on June 28, at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Anonymous on June 9, 2022 at 7:10 am

    Could you elaborate on the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan? It was approved?

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