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County Purchases Variety of Vaccines

By Randy Pierce

Madison County is acquiring 14 different types of vaccines from a company located in Chicago to help with the prevention and treatment of various illnesses.

A resolution approving the health department’s acquisition of these vaccines was approved unanimously by the Madison County Board last month, the cost not to exceed $70,000.

The provider of the vaccines is Sanofi Pasteur which is a division of a multi-national pharmaceutical business located in Lyon, France.

The vaccines being bought by the county are ActHib, Daptacel, Imovax, IPOL (used to treat polio), Menactra, Pentacel, Prevnar13, Tenivac, Fluzone High Dose, Fluzone Quadrivalent, Quadracel, Adacel, Tubersol and Prevnar20. The Prevar vaccine is used for pneumonia prevention, Fluzone is for seasonal influenza and the others have very specific purposes concerning prevention and treatment.

The recommendation to purchase the vaccines came from both the county board health department and finance & government operations committees.    

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