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Collinsville Water Main Break

The City of Collinsville has issued a boil order due to a water main break on Tuesday.

The break is located near the city’s water treatment plant on Collinsville Road.  It is estimated that 27,000 customers in the area are affected by this water main break.

“It is a big deal.  All of the restaurants and schools are affected by it.  So this is a big deal.  That’s why we take it very seriously and we’re trying to work our best to get it back online.” said Dennis Kress, the Director of Public Works for Collinsville.

City officials have also asked that any residents that have ice machines to turn them off and throw away any ice. “You can bathe in the water.  All water that’s used for drinking and culinary purposes needs to be boiled for five minutes until the boil order is lifted,” said Kress.

Crews are currently working on repairs.  Once the repairs are complete the boil order will continue for another 24 hours.

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