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Maryville to Receive $2.9 million from County Disbursement of ARPA Funds


County board member and Maryville citizen Chris Guy attended the Oct. 5 meeting of the Village of Maryville Board to share some good news about funding for Maryville projects.  As a result of a disbursement of American Recovery Plan Act funds (ARPA), Maryville will receive from Madison County over $2.9 million.  

Funds will be disbursed to Maryville to complete five outlined projects that include erosion repair at Burdick Creek, a storm drainage project and addition in the village, water treatment plant upgrades and the Keebler Road interceptor project.  The village has two years to utilize the funds under the agreement of the ARPA distributions.  

“I want to thank Chris Guy for his hard work in securing these funds,” Mayor Craig Sharp said.  “I would also like to thank Chairman Prenzler for his role in seeing that projects like this in our community will finally get underway without us relying on taxpayer monies.”  

When the American Recovery Plan Act was first approved during the Covid-19 pandemic, funds were distributed to various state and local governments.  Distribution of those funds was based on decisions by the governmental agencies. Madison County received $51 million. To date, approximately $21 million has been designated for projects and distribution to local communities, including those designated for Maryville.  

“There are still distributions to be made,” Guy said. “There will be additional distributions in the future, and I will continue to work on additional funding for much-needed projects in Maryville.” 

Good news about the Village of Maryville’s funding support continued during the meeting when it was announced that the Village Police Department has received a grant in the amount of $250K from the State of Illinois. The grant funding runs for two years. At this time, the plans are to utilize the funds for additional squad cars, body cameras for the officers and other equipment needs.  

The Board approved an ordinance that focuses on street obstruction in the Village. The amendment to Village Title IX will prohibit obstructing village streets with yard waste, trash and yard clippings.  

Two village pickup trucks, no longer in service, were declared surplus property. The vehicles will be disposed of by the Village and include a 2008 and a 2012 Ford F150 pickup truck.  

In other business, the board approved a contract with Korte & Luitjohan for replacement of a 4-inch water meter at Anderson Hospital. Total cost of the contract is $3,674.  

The Board also approved replacement of the Chlorine Analyzers at the Water Treatment Plant and Booster station.  Contract cost, to Vandevanter Engineering, is $19,500. This is a required upgrade of the system.  

Finally, the Board approved pipe coating and painting of the exterior water pipes at the treatment plant. Work will be done by Joseph Ward Painting Company at a cost of $16,143.  

Village employees Matt Hoffmann and Joe Simpson were approved to attend the Illinois Section American Water Works Association Watercon 2023 in Springfield. The conference will be held March 20 through March 23, 2023.  

Monthly reports were presented by the Village Staff. The Building and Zoning department issued 23 permits in September including 12 for new single-family construction.  

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