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Glen Carbon approves ordinance requiring permits for short-term rentals

By Kathy Turner

The Glen Carbon Village Board on Oct. 25 approved an ordinance regulating short-term rentals within the village limits. 

Information presented by Stacy Jose, Building and Zoning Administrator, indicated that there are currently nine properties in the village that identify as short-term rentals, including four condominiums, one apartment, one duplex, two houses and one private room. 

Short-term rentals are identified as rentals of less than 30 days. The new ordinance will require property owners to apply for and receive a special use permit for the property. The applications will then be reviewed by the building and zoning department, the zoning committee, and finally the Village Board. Approval will follow a public hearing to allow property owners surrounding and other residents to voice their approval or disapproval.  

Once the special use permit is issued, it has no expiration date and transfer between owners should the property be sold. The permit is for the property, not the owner, so permits will not transfer with the owner to another property.  

Earlier in the meeting Collin Clark, a local attorney speaking on behalf of a client, voiced the client’s concerns about the ordinance. Clark and his client had attended an earlier public hearing about the ordinance and expressed concerns whether or not a special use permit is an appropriate mechanism for oversight of these properties. The board, during their discussion, pointed out that the ordinance will provide a means to monitor the properties that are operating as income-generating properties. 

Several annual agreements were approved by the board at the meeting. Included was the 2023/2024 Illinois Municipal League Risk Management insurance for the village. Total cost of the plan, which covers all aspects of liability and property insurance for the village, is $291,656. This premium is guaranteed for both 2023 and 2024 under the contract.  

The board also approved the 2023 Street Maintenance Program and Professional Service Agreement with TWM. The proposal outlines the planned maintenance of streets in the Village. Total cost of the 2023 program is $1,613,612. This includes milling and overlay of Kingsbrook Subdivision and the Field’s Crossing Subdivision. Work in Kingsbrook will also provide removal and replacement of the existing culvert in the subdivision.  

The board also approved the annual service agreement with Motorola Solutions in the amount of $4,300. This covers equipment in the dispatch area of the police department.

Another action will improve the Police Department capabilities. The board approved the purchase of a Cellbrite System at a cost of $11,300. The Cellbrite system will help the police department in securing data from cell phones, computers and social media applications.  

The board also approved an ordinance establishing the Meridian Plaza business district. The development will be allowed to collect a 1% sales tax for businesses within the plaza which will be used to offset the agreed upon development costs. Some potential businesses will be excluded from the tax such as mechanical repairs, fuel and car washes. Funds will then be used to reimburse the developers for costs approved and verified by the Village.  


During the Mayor’s announcements residents were reminded of the 2023 Village Trustee elections. There are three positions for trustee open this year for a four-year term. Anyone wishing to seek a position on the board should contact the Village Clerk at 618-288-1200 for appropriate paperwork and filing dates. 

The next meeting of the board will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 8. 

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