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Troy met Monday with light agenda

By Pat Pratt

Troy City Council met with a light agenda Monday, hearing administrative reports and approving two ordinances.

During the meeting, which lasted about 30 minutes, members approved an ordinance for a final plat for phase two of the Serenade subdivision. The tract is 10.44 acres of land located on Dorothy Drive and will be divided into 19 residential lots. 

The second ordinance passed at the meeting was a request for the city’s portion of the state motor fuel tax. Illinois collects the tax and distributes it to cities for road maintenance. The request by Troy is in the amount of $434,069. 

The planning commission will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday regarding a zoning change for property along Bouse Road. The property in question is expected to be rezoned from residential to commercial, which has caused some residents in a nearby senior community concern. The hearing is open to the public. 

Chief of Police Brent Shownes in his report noted several recent arrests involving substantial quantities of methamphetamine. He said details are not yet being made public as the alleged drugs are being tested by the crime lab and charges have not yet been filed. 

Following his report, council members asked Shownes if he had any updates on when body cameras would arrive for the department.

“I absolutely do,” Shownes said. “They have no idea.”

Under the new Illinois SAFE-T Act, all law enforcement agencies in the state are required to have the cameras in service by January. The cameras have been expected since October, but faced repeated delays. 

The meeting opened with public comments. Troy-Edwardsville Shrine Club President Daniel Koontz thanked the council for its support and donation of $20,000 for the August barbecue event Smoke N’ for the Kids. 

“You guys donated $20,000 at the beginning of this year for the barbecue competition, so first and foremost the Troy-Edwardsville Shrine Club greatly appreciated the council doing that,” Koontz said. 

Money raised at the event will support Shriners charitable giving programs, which include Ministries Unlimited, a food pantry based in Troy and Shriners Children, which helps children receive medical care regardless of ability to pay. 


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