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Street crews in Troy ready for a busy spring

By Devese “Dee” Ursery

The Public Works Committee discussed reports, work orders and other projects during a brief city council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday evening at the Troy Municipal Building.

CIty officials reported on bids for the Orchard Court Phase II portion of the street reconstruction  project as well as work schedules for crews in the public works department. CIty Engineer Tom Cissell discussed the bid tab for the street reconstruction project as well as an additional 50 feet that the City wants to add on to the project. 

“We would like to spend $180,000 so I put in a unit cost $510 per foot,” Cissell said. “I would like the Council to authorize another 50 feet to do the road which is going to come in real close to the target  cost.”

Cissell said the unit cost was put into the bid tab to ensure that the City spends their annual allotment of road funds. He said this project would be the last one to be bidded on this year. The lowest bid came in at $153,445 from KRB Excavating and the additional 50 feet at $510 a foot the total cost comes out to $178,945.

Cissell said all of Orchard Court needs to be refurbished and there is no reason not to add the additional 50 feet. He said because of the low bid, the time is now to move forward with phase II. The Orchard Court reconstruction project is part of the City’s five-year plan. The total cost of the project is budgeted at $193,180.

In his engineer’s report, Cissell also discussed developments with the Shadow Wood subdivision. He said that the City has received a preliminary plat for a 51-unit, one-third acre single-family residential layout using residential lots. City staff plan to review the plat by the next regular city council meeting. 

Cissell said that work on Lions Drive is scheduled for this week as well, weather permitting.

“We have the contractor all lined up and he’s going to paint the removal limits,” Cissell said. “The businesses have all been notified.”

Public Works Director Rob Hancock in his report discussed openings and candidates for the Public Works Department. He is looking for approval from the council to hire two people for the public works crew.

Hancock in his report stated that due to severe weather that passed through the city last week, crews were out picking up fallen limbs and downed trees. He also said that the meter installation is on hold at the moment because of complaints from a local plumbing organization regarding contracted installers. 

Hancock spoke about upcoming street maintenance and other projects for the fiscal year of 2022-2023. He listed several projects a large crack and seal project costing $70,000 and funded from MFT; the reconstruction of the back half of Lions Drive that will cost $220,000 and the repair of the intersection of Sugarmill and Ivy Court 


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