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Troy renews contracts for city administrator, public works director

By Pat Pratt 

The newly-hired chief of the Troy Fire Protection District spoke briefly at the Monday meeting of the city council. 

Former Maryville Fire Chief George May was hired March 27 and is slated to be sworn in at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the district’s regular monthly meeting. The position had been vacant since November 2021 following the departure of then chief Ed Collins. 

“I just wanted to come by and introduce  myself and let you know if you need anything to reach out,” May told council members.  

During the meeting, council members approved contract renewals for City Administrator Jay Keeven and Public Works Director Rob Hancock. 

Keeven will be paid $155,000 for each of the two years of the contract. He will receive the same benefits as any city employee and would be provided 30 days severance if his employment ends. He is required to give 180 days notice if leaving his position. 

Hancock will be paid $100,000 annually throughout the two years of his contract. Other benefits are the same as in Keeven’s contract. Due to the nature of his position, Hancock will receive compensatory time for any overtime hours worked. 

Council members approved a special use permit for construction of a single-family dwelling at the rear of a commercial building at 110 West Market Street. Jeff Thomas, who requested the permit, will still be required to submit an architectural review to the planning commission. 

Fireworks for Independence Day 2023 will be provided by Pyrotecnico Fireworks Inc. following approval of a contract for the event. Costs of the July 4 display will be $76,000, according to the agreement. 

The city personnel policy was amended during the meeting to reflect that employees will receive double time and a half for working on Sundays or holidays. The language only applies to employees covered under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Special rules apply to police officers and those covered by collective bargaining agreements. 

By a voice vote, council members during the meeting passed a fiscal 2023-24 budget. Budgetary documents were not posted on the agenda and not immediately available following the meeting. The budget is a working document for the city and any expenditures must be appropriated by ordinance. The Times-Tribune has requested the budget from the city and will publish details in the days ahead. 

Council members after completing the agenda voted to enter executive session for a semi-annual review of closed session minutes. The next meeting of the Troy City Council is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. May 1 at the Troy Municipal Building, 116 E. Market. 


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