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County Supports Riggin Road Upgrade

By Randy Pierce

Improvements to Riggin Road in Troy are continuing with the help of funding being provided as the result of a vote of approval by the Madison County Board last month.

To be reconstructed from Bouse Road south for a distance of 850 feet as a continuance of a previous upgrade on Riggin Road, the project is being undertaken through a partnership between the county and the City of Troy in order to facilitate the free flow of traffic and provide it in the safest way possible for the motoring public.

Existing oil and chip surfacing will be removed on this stretch and replaced with new concrete pavement, curb and gutter, storm sewer improvements, concrete sidewalk and the appropriate pavement markings.

The legislation approved unanimously by the county board calls for the designation of $158,050 from its matching tax fund to be used toward the cost of this project.

Prior to the county board’s approval, the resolution concerning this matter was passed unanimously by its transportation committee which is chaired by Bobby Ross of St. Jacob.


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