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Uptown Collinsville has a new bakery, Azucar

Owners of Azucar pose in their newly opened bakery, left to right: Morgan Hurtado, Brooke Romero and Jeanetta Mitchem, (Photo courtesy of John Aslop)

By Devese “Dee” Ursery

There’s a new bakery in uptown Collinsville that is serving up fresh baked treats every morning.

The Azucar Bakery, formerly known as the Yummy Doughnut Palace, at 410 Beltline Road is a bakery with a little bit of Mexican flair and authentic taste. Azucar mixes in some American delectables with some Mexican sweetness.   

Cookies, (Photo courtesy of Azucar Bakery)

The small bakery centered around family and culture is a family owned business run by a three pronged mother-daughter team. Jeanetta Mitchem and her daughters Morgan Hurtado and Brooke Romero opened their doors in mid March, as something that they could do together. 

“I’ve made cakes from my house for years,” Mitchem said. “My daughters and I wanted something that we could do together.”

Mitchem added that the bakery is a place of warmth and has a feel of family as her grandchildren sit at a corner table and color in their coloring books.

Azucar which is Spanish for sugar, has a wide array of doughnuts, cookies and cakes/cupcakes. They also have a breakfast menu that serves mini pancakes along with biscuits and gravy.

“We try to do new things,” Mitchem said. “We make what we know sells and then add in something else and if that goes well, we keep it.”    

Mitchem mentioned that they are introducing horchata to the menu, which is a Mexican drink made of rice, milk, vanilla and cinnamon. They are adding a new Latin drink to their menu called the agua fresca, a Latin drink made of fresh fruit, lime juice and water. 

Cupcakes, (Photo courtesy of Azucar Bakery)

Mitchem, born and raised in Collinsville, said that she is self taught and wanted to open her bakery in her hometown because this is where her and family live. She said that they have supported fundraisers and made donations to local schools.“Whatever they’ve asked us to do, we’re on board to help out with,” MItchem said.

Hurtado explained that when they wrap up for the day they load up boxes of doughnuts and take them to the small businesses in their area.

Mitchem said what makes her bakery unique is the authentic Mexican treats, culture and feel of the modest yet comfortable space. 


Mitchem, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur says that business is always on her mind. She also is the owner of a commercial cleaning company as well. She said that she once owned a temporary employment service and bus company as well. 

Mitchem said the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is the uncertainty at the beginning and the worry. She said that your mind is in business mode 24/7.  She said the mental load is never-ending.

Although the stress of owning your own business is tremendous, having something to leave behind for your family makes  it worthwhile. Mitchem said that spending time with her family at their place of business is what it is all about.

“This is what we like, just being together,” Mitchem said. “My parents come up, my sisters, it’s just that family camaraderie.

Mitchem said that she started the bakery primarily to teach her daughters to have a business mindset and to leave something behind for them to carry on. She said that she hopes they will keep the bakery going because  she sees herself on a beach in the future.

Romero said that they are self-sustaining right now but hope to get to a point where they can hire a staff to take on everyday duties.

Mitchem said that there is more stress and uncertainty in owning a business, especially on the money side, but there is no better satisfaction than working for yourself.

“The best part of it,” MItchem said, is that she and her daughters get to work together as a family.

Azucar Bakery is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 8a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday. They are closed Monday and Tuesday.

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