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Letter to the Editor: Thanks to all who help and look out for each other

As a small-town firefighter/EMT, we often go to emergency medical services calls as well as the occasional vehicle collision, car or structure fire. Just yesterday, we responded to two separate incidents for elderly patients who had fallen and needed help. In both cases, friends either received their call or went out of their way to make a routine late-night check on their neighbor and discovered them on the ground. Luckily, neither person was seriously injured and both were transported to a local hospital. While it is not unusual to have local families checking in on 90+-year-old members, to have nearby friends also playing a role in safeguarding their neighbors is noteworthy and heartwarming. In a world that sometimes seems to be more divided and selfish than ever, such acts of kindness and consideration are worth pointing out. Thanks to all who help and look out for each other. 


Lowell Mills

Marine Community Fire Protection District

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