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Argument on Troy parking lot ends in crash, battery charge

By Pat Pratt

An argument between two family members over money ended with one of the men allegedly intentionally crashing his vehicle into the other’s on Friday on the parking lot of First Collinsville Bank in Troy. 

Crash reports provided by Troy Police show as both men left the bank about 8:42 a.m., a white van driven by 51-year-old Robert J. Tomlin, of Caseyville, crashed into a black pickup truck driven by the victim, striking the driver’s side. The van continued to accelerate following the crash and struck a nearby telephone pole. 

Tomlin was arrested following the incident on suspicion of aggravated battery and two counts of property damage over $500. Madison County State’s Attorneys charged him with the aforementioned crimes on Monday and he has since posted a $4,000 cash bond. 

According to arrest reports, the victim told police he was owed money for a job, which erupted in an argument at a nearby job site. The men went to the bank to acquire money and the argument continued as the parties prepared to leave. 

The victim told police Tomlin was staring at him angrily immediately prior to the crash and he attempted to get out of the way, according to arrest reports. Paramedics treated the victim on the scene, as he described pain to his elbow and knee and dizziness. He was then transported to a local hospital for treatment. 

Witnesses also described the scene, with one saying she heard the men arguing as they parked at the bank. She said she then saw the white van accelerate and turn directly into the victim’s truck and that it appeared to be intentional. 

Those statements were supported by video surveillance footage from a nearby business, according to police reports. Police wrote the footage showed the “van aggressively gained speed and appeared to turn towards the truck, colliding, spinning the truck sideways and striking the utility pole.” 

Tomlin told police the crash was not intentional. He said he accidentally hit the accelerator and not the brake. Police wrote that given the amount of damage involved, that was not likely the case. 



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