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Collinsville School Board to discuss anticipated tax levy

By Devese “Dee” Ursery

COLLINSVILLE — The Collinsville Community Unit School District No.10 Board of Education meeting will be the backdrop for a public hearing to discuss property tax levy increases for the District.

Official documents published by the school district disclose that the corporate and special purpose property taxes to be levied for Tax Year 2023 are $45,883,944. This represents a 16.30% increase over the year before. The estimated property tax to be levied for debt service and public building commission leases for 2023 are $2,350,000. This symbolizes a .28% increase over the previous year.

At the Board of Education on Dec. 18 there will be a hearing on the anticipated tax levy and then the Board will take action after that hearing.

The total property taxes extended for 2022 were $41.79 million. The estimated total property taxes to be levied for  2023 are $48.23 million, which represents a 15.4% increase over the previous year. Dr. Brad Skertich, CUSD 10 Superintendent explained the tax levy process as a very complicated process for public entities because they don’t know what final numbers will be.

“What our business manager does as well as work with our Board of Education is to try and determine what new property has been built within our school district in the last 12 months,” Skertich said. “In addition to that, what are property values going to be when they come back from the county assessor’s office from Madison and St. Clair Counties.” 

According to Skertich those are estimates of what the Board thinks the property value will be along with new properties and then the levy is built from that. He said those are based on the numbers currently and that they will be finalized in April. 

Skertich emphasized that residents living within the CUSD 10 school district should not see an increase in their tax rate.

“Right now the increase in terms of the district’s tax rate is around $4.26,” Skertich said. “And we anticipate that the district tax rate will be right at $4.26 for this coming school year.”

Skertich said $48.23 million, the amount of the estimated total property tax to be levied in 2023 was based on new properties built throughout the District.

“So, that essentially means that the money that was generated in last year’s levy will go up an estimated 15%,” Skertich said. “That is a combination that also includes over $12 million in new property throughout CUSD 10 for the coming school year.”

Skertich further explained that  the $4.26 tax rate generates a certain amount of property tax revenue for the school district and government entities. 

“Since that calendar year has concluded $12 million in new property has been added within the Collinsville School District and so that is a major portion as to why you’re seeing that EAV change,” Skertich said.  “That amount, over 15%, is relevant to the new property that has been built in the district.That would be new homes built throughout the district in Tanglewood, Maryville and any commercial construction that’s been done.”

According to Skertich the tax levy is placed in the paper and published annually along with a notice of the hearing.

“ It is standard operating procedure and it affords transparency for anyone that lives within the Collinsville School District, that would be Caseyville, Maryville, State Park and of course Collinsville,” Skertich said.  “It’s a standard operating procedure for our district on an annual basis. This is an annual occurrence in every school district throughout the state of Illinois.”

Skertich reiterated that property owners living in the CUSD 10 school district should not see an increase in their tax rate despite new property.

“If it was $4.26, last year they should anticipate it being right around $4.26, I don’t want that to be confused,” Skertich said. “I don’t want it to be misconstrued that there’s going to be a major tax increase, there is not. The 15.4% increase is based on the $12 million in new property coming into the district in this last year.”

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