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New scholarship honors former Triad Teacher

by Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor

TROY — For Matthew Guse sponsoring the Dr. James Kerr Scholarship for International Cooperation is a way to honor a retired teacher, who helped develop programs that have greatly benefitted himself and current and past students at Triad High School.

Guse is an economist and adjunct professor at George Mason University and a 2012 graduate of Triad High School. He explained Kerr played an integral role in the development of the social studies program at Triad High School, which remains a large contributor to Triad High School’s status as an exemplary school in the state of Illinois and an example for public schools across the U.S. Kerr further fostered the Model United Nations program at Triad, creating a program competitive in national conferences and developing opportunities for middle school students to become involved and develop skills in communication, critical thinking, policymaking, and effective writing.

“The purpose is to honor him for doing that development and it is something that has helped my career and also I think a lot of other students’ careers after graduating Triad,” Guse said. “He played a really integral role in helping Triad’s Social Studies program grow. Also the Model United Nations club/program really developed and he coordinated a conference for middle school students so that the high school students could be integrated into Model UN and International Relations.”

The scholarship is a $2,000 award for graduating seniors of Triad High School (Troy, IL) pursuing higher education with an intent to use their studies to further the causes of international cooperation, diplomacy, and peace.

This scholarship awards one student who has demonstrated an interest in international affairs and intends to pursue studies leading to a career that contributes to international peace and cooperation.  Relevant intended fields of study include, but are not limited to:

  • Business
  • Diplomacy
  • Economics
  • Environmental/climate studies
  • History
  • International affairs
  • Language (Arabic, French, Mandarin, Spanish, or other)
  • Political science
  • Public health
  • Public policy

Interested applicants may submit the following materials to the scholarship sponsor, Guse, via email by March 31, 2024:

  • Personal statement (maximum 500 words) detailing the student’s background and interests as related to international affairs, cooperation, and peace, as well as thoughts on how the student would use the scholarship and their education to further these goals
  • Two letters of recommendation from educators or work supervisors. Preference given to recommenders who have supervised or advised the student in a role related to the scholarship objectives of international cooperation, diplomacy, and peace
  • A brief (one-page maximum) resume detailing academic, extracurricular, and professional (work) experience.

Guse said that he plans for this scholarship to continue. The scholarship will be awarded during Triad’s Honors Night currently scheduled for May 15.

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