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Troy musician adds new verse to “This Ol’ Town of Troy”

by Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor

TROY — When Local Musician Paul Jarvis released “This Ol’ Town of Troy” on March 9, 2017 he was happy with the song, but at the same time realized that there was still so much more that he could add about his beloved hometown.

And with those memories Jarvis has released a new version of the song along with other songs by Paul Jarvis and the Old BarnBoys. Jarvis, a native of Troy, has been the leader of the “Zydeco Crawdaddys” (three CDs released) for the past 28 years, is a member of the country band “The Old Barn Boys” (two CDs released) and has released a Bluegrass CD, where he also wrote all of the songs. Jarvis is also a Willie Nelson impersonator.

“I have got 11 CDs out, I used to be a drummer in ‘Boulderdash’, which was a big band in this area back in the 80s,” Jarvis said. “And my other CD is Medusa live at Ray’s 1973 for anybody that goes way back.”

Jarvis said that he was originally inspired to write “This Ol’ Town of Troy” because everywhere he drove there was a memory of something that many others never got to experience.

“I see the old Troy, I remember the water tower. Every road I go down it is memories and most of them are gone, people are gone, that is what inspired me to write the song,” Jarvis said.  “So I started listing all the things that I remember and then it just kept growing and snowballing.

The following is the new verse:

“Paul Simon wore a big bowtie, Bob Turley made the baseballs fly,
Mae Grapperhaus, was the ‘Queen of Troy’
Angelo’s and Westroads cafe, Kelly’s, and Adelharts IGA,
Troy frozen foods, the Truck Stops and Tasty Treat,
The Central Hotel, Legion and the Bank on the square,
Troys Best Barber, Western Auto Hardware,
A&R Crafts, Emil’s Mower, and Triad High,
Doc Molden, Adams and Zielonko, Paul Ping kept us in the know.
The Stagecoach knew this town would grow, along the National Road.”

“People my age or older are going to remember a lot of that. And I put in there the Central Hotel, which my great grandmother owned.  Then (Troy) was a stagecoach stop, so I wrote in there about the stagecoach,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis said that he plans to bring a new version of the song to city hall as the old version is on display.

“I enjoy music, I like writing songs and the one thing about a songwriter when you write something you have got to record it,” Jarvis said. “Somebody wrote ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ by the Beatles and look what happened to it. Every song that you know and recognize somebody wrote that, they didn’t know it was going to make it big they just wrote it, but then look what happened. Maybe someday down the road somebody will remember me by this song… it is a document of Troy as I knew it.”

The CD “This Ol’ Town Of Troy” by Paul Jarvis and the Old BarnBoys” is currently for sale at the Ace Hardware in Troy and includes 14 tracks. Jarvis also performs at various community events and plays every Wednesday and Thursday at the 501 Blues Club in Highland.

“I want to thank God for the gift of music,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis resides in Troy with his wife Sue. They have three children and four grandchildren. For more information people may visit the Zydeco Crawdaddys Facebook page. People may also call (618) 667-6467 for bookings.

Troy Musician Paul Jarvis holding his CD of “This OL’ Town of Troy” in front of the old version of the song of the same name. Jarvis has released a new version of the song “This OL’ Town of Troy” in the CD which is available for purchase locally.

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    Hi Paul Jarvis, I haven’t seen you in years. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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