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Karen Hall Recognized for 30 Years with Glen Carbon Village Hall

By Kathy Turner

GLEN CARBON — In today’s world it is quite unusual to find an employee that stays with their employer for 30 years. But Karen Hall is celebrating her 30th year as a clerk with the Village of Glen Carbon and the Village is celebrating her dedication.

Karen began working for the Village on a recommendation from a friend, Danny Picarella, who also worked in the Village. His referral took Karen out of the job that had her commuting to St. Louis every day.

Karen said the Village and the job were very different then. Though she’s worn many hats as a village employee, she currently holds the title of finance clerk. In the past she worked with ledgers to track accounting work and contacted employees in the field via two-way radio.

Today everything is computerized and cell phones make contacting employees much easier. She has also watched the village grow immensely from the 6,500 residents when she began.

Karen, who identifies herself as a “people person” has watched many of the residents who visit Village Hall grow from small children to adults. She’s tracked life changes for those who come in and shared experiences with them. Said Hall, “I have been here long enough to really see the circle-of-life unfold, getting to know entire families in the Village.”

And residents who visit Village Hall quickly seek out that friendly face. If she’s not around, residents ask the other clerks where she is out of concern.

The Village also appreciates her commitment to her job and the people.  Mayor Bob Marcus identified her as “kind and thoughtful to the residents of Glen Carbon as well as her fellow employees.”

It is obvious that both the Village and Hall found their match 30 years ago and she proved to be a great hire for Glen Carbon.

Karen Hall

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