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Spring Means Getting Rid of Surplus in Maryville, New Rules for Speakers at Meetings

By Kathy Turner

MARYVILLE — The Maryville Village Board on Wednesday, Feb. 21, approved several ordinances that will allow them to dispose of surplus property of the village.

All the items are things that have been replaced in the past few months in the Village. They will either be sold on surplus sites or will be transferred to other governing bodies that may find the equipment useful.

Included in the items designated as surplus are a 2007 Ford F-350 Truck and a 1999 F-550 Bucket Truck, 16 Minitor V pagers used by the fire department, and various TNT Hydraulic Extrication Tools.

The Board also passed an ordinance that outlines the rules for public comment under the Open Meetings Act. The ordinance outlines the following guidelines for anyone wishing to speak at a Village board meeting:

For speakers –
• Anyone wishing to speak will sign in before the meeting begins with their name, resident status and topic to be discussed.
• No person shall be permitted to speak until recognized by the presiding officer. All comments will be made from the podium and statements are to be directed to the full board, not to individual members.
• Speakers must identify themselves by name and resident status before speaking.
• Speakers will refrain from repeating testimony or comments that have been previously made and, whenever possible, groups of residents will consolidate their comments and speakers.
• Speakers may not use the public forum to harass board members or staff. Profanity will not be tolerated. Anyone doing so will be removed from the meeting.

Time limits –
• Total time for public comments shall be 30 minutes at each meeting unless extended by the board.
• All individuals will have a maximum of three minutes each and may speak only once unless extended by the board. If more than 10 people sign up for public comments, the 30-minute time period will be allotted evenly.
• No speaker may give their allotted time to another person.
• Time limits shall not apply to public hearings.

Responses –
• Members of the governing body are not required to answer or respond to public comments. Comments will be taken under advisement and may be referred to the appropriate staff member for response outside the meeting.

Decorum –
• All speakers and the audience will respect the presiding officer’s directions to keep order, respect and decorum during the meeting.
• Members of the audience will refrain from noisy outbursts or distractions during and/or at the conclusion of any remarks made.
• Anyone violating the rules or otherwise disrupting the order and decorum of the meeting may be removed.

In other business, the Board approved a bid from Brotcke Well and Plumbing in the amount of $31,798 to clean and camera the water plant well. They also approved the purchase of two spreader stands for the street department at a cost of $11,910 from Woody’s Municipal Supply.

All bids for the Keebler Road Resurfacing Project Phase 3 were rejected by the board. All bids came in well over engineer estimates. The job will be re-bid with Phase 4.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30 p.m.

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