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Madison County Board of Review sets final assessment on property values

By Times Tribune Staff 

EDWARDSVILLE — Property owners will soon get a postcard in the mail from the Madison County Board of Review with their final notice of assessment.

Board of Review Chair Phil Taylor said the final notice of assessment for 2023, also known as multiplier cards, were set to be mailed on Monday, March 4. 

“Taxpayers across the county are going to notice their property values increased,” Taylor said. 

The Board of Review held a public hearing on Thursday announcing the property assessment equalization factor, or multipliers, for the county’s 24 townships. The equalization is the final step in the assessment process. The multiplier is the effort of providing a uniform average level of assessments between townships and/or counties. The equalization factor is determined by the legal level of assessment divided by the three-year average of the actual level of assessment.

Assessments in Madison County are at 30.51 percent of fair market value, based on sales of property in 2020, 2021, and 2022. The Illinois Department of Revenue issued a 1.0889 multiplier for Madison County.

The townships multipliers are as follows:


Helvetia 1.0832
Saline 1.0828
Leef 1.1033
New Douglas 1.1033
St. Jacob 1.0846
Marine 1.1080
Alhambra 1.1033
Olive 1.0121
Jarvis 1.0860
Pin Oak 1.1029
Hamel 1.0996
Omphghent 1.0967
Collinsville 1.0814
Edwardsville 1.0818
Fort Russel 1.0836
Moro 1.0953
Nameoki 1.1018
Chouteau 1.1473
Wood River 1.0835
Foster 1.0700
Venice 1.1310
Granite City 1.0914
Alton 1.1062
Godfrey 1.0935

Property owners who disagree with the new assessment will have 30 days, starting March 4, to file an appeal with the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).

Forms to file an appeal can be found at your local township assessor’s office, the Madison County Board of Review, and the Madison County Chief Assessment Office. Forms can also be downloaded from

According to the Department of Revenue, a change in the equalization factor does not mean total property tax bills will increase or decrease. 

Tax bills are determined by local taxing bodies when they request money (tax levy) each year to provide services to citizens.


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