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Glen Carbon to Begin Electric Supplier Bid Process

by Kathy Turner

GLEN CARBON — The Glen Carbon Board on Tuesday, March 25 approved a resolution authorizing Village Administrator Jamie Bowden to begin the process of executing a service agreement for an electrical supplier for 2025.

Local municipalities recently agreed to solicit bids and enter into service agreements for the sale and purchase of electricity in the community.

Contracts for the current service run through the end of 2024. New bids will be sought for 2025. The current rate is just over 12 cents per KWH. It has been indicated that bids for 2025 will be in the 8 to 9 cents range, reducing the cost for Village residents.

Mayor Bob Marcus appointed Anne Petry to a position on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Petry’s term will run through April 30, 2029.

Another resolution was passed regarding the 1% sales tax on groceries in the Village. Governor Pritzker has made a proposal to legislators to eliminate the tax as a way of addressing inflation. Local governments are being asked to pass a resolution to protect that tax because of the impact on Village finances. Removing the tax would cost Glen Carbon approximately $1 million per year in sales tax revenue.

The Board also approved a resolution to terminate in intergovernmental agreement with the Granite City Regional Wastewater Treatment plant and enter into an agreement with Illinois American Water for the processing of wastewater. The decision comes on the heels of Granite City’s decision to sell their wastewater treatment plant to Illinois American Water Company.

After discussion at the Feb. 13 meeting of the Board regarding variances, the Board on this date approved the final plat and site plan for Mia Rose, the Meridian Plaza Phase 3 development that includes a four-building apartment complex with three stories. Variances identified previously included a decrease in parking spaces, a decrease in the number of buildings while maintaining the number of units, the addition of four garage buildings, a pickleball court and a dog park, a requirement that there be only one lease per unit no matter the number of bedrooms, no allowance for subleasing, no allowance for co-signors, and no allowance for short term rentals.

Both the dog park and pickleball courts will have buffers between the amenities and the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The stair access to second and third floor apartments is open air with barriers to shield the stairwells from public view.

Board Rejects Site Plan for Business Approved by Community Development Department

The Board entertained a motion to approve a site plan for a new building at Prima Dance and Tumbling located on Route 66 Business Park Drive. The project was first presented to the Building and Development Committee in September of 2023. At that time the Committee approved the plan with provisions for verifying parking needs and locating such, including masonry in the design and review the cost for additional masonry, making sure water detention is contained on the property, and resolving building restrictions on the property.

The revisions were completed, and the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the site plan on March 19. A motion and second was made by the Board on Tuesday evening.

During the discussion portion, Trustee Ben Maliszewski presented several concerns. First, he questioned whether the 92 allotted parking spaces in the new design were sufficient. He also communicated that he would like to see the building façade include more masonry than the plans identified. Finally, he presented a copy of the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) documents governing the property. The HOA has also approved the plans as presented, but a stipulation in the covenants and restrictions require the Village to first approve the plans.

Both the engineer and property owner Chelsea LeBrie were in attendance. Both pointed out that everything identified in September had been addressed. The building of 10,000 square feet will serve the new business, which is currently 6,000 square feet. The current business has 16 parking spaces. The property owners have since secured additional land and, as a result, now plan for 92 parking spaces.

“We recognize that there are times that cars are parked on the street,” said LeBrie. “These are typically during transition times when one class ends and another begins. Parents are dropping off and/or picking up children. This is not a long period of time and we are sure that the 92 spots now planned would be more than adequate.”

With regards to additional masonry on the façade, both the engineer and LeBrie pointed out that the plans meet with all Village codes. Maliszewski asked if they might provide an all-brick front or at least advise of the cost of such. LeBrie said that quotes to do so ranged from $50,000 to $75,000 additional costs. She pointed out that current Village codes require new construction should ‘fit in’ with adjacent properties and that their adjoining neighbor to the rear is a metal storage unit business so she feels their plan exceeds that requirement.

LeBrie also pointed out that the HOA bylaws have recently been reviewed and revised. She questioned whether the changes address concerns presented at the meeting but said that she would check with HOA officers to determine an answer.

When called for a vote, the motion to approve the site plan failed by a vote of 4 to 1 with Trustee David Rands casting the only approving vote.

In final action the Board approved the purchase of five new vehicles for the public works department. They include a large and small dump truck and three pickup trucks, all purchased from state-approved vendors. Because of the delays in meeting contract needs, they do not expect delivery until 2025. All exceeded budgeted amounts because of inflation but old vehicles will be sold to make up the difference between the two costs.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at 7 p.m.



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