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Uptick in County Suicides Reported

Randy Pierce

MADISON COUNTY — As reported by the coroner’s office at a recent meeting of the Madison County Board Public Safety Committee, a troubling increase in suicides has been occurring and creating great concern about this trend.

Numbers run by the office of Madison County Coroner Stephen Nonn, as stated at that meeting, indicated at this point in 2024, there have been four more suicides more than during the same annual time frame since 2020.

When this was being discussed, county board member Bill Stoutenborough of Alton called attention to the nationwide 9-8-8 suicide and crisis hotline that can be called for support and assistance by anyone with troubling thoughts in this regard.

Someone answering that number, Stoutenborough said, will not only provide counseling and serve as a receptive voice to talk to but also contact local law enforcement authorities if it appears a genuinely dangerous situation is imminent.

Marcos Pulido, chief deputy for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, said there has been an increase in suicide-related calls received, many of these from individuals he described as being “out of touch with reality.”

“There have been several suicides attempts this year,” Pulido added. “Unfortunately, it is getting to be common.”

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