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Bouse Road Open To East, West Traffic

By Charles Feldman, Reporter

Bouse Road in Glen Carbon is now open to east/west traffic. Old Troy Road is open temporarily to local traffic north- and southbound from Glen Crossing Road to Illinois Route 162.

This was announced on Friday, November 1 on the village of Glen Carbon’s Facebook page.

The entrance to the Liberty Place Subdivision on Bouse Road opened on Monday, November 4. Access to Liberty Place Subdivision is available from MacArthur Road.

“You can get from one end to another,” said Village Administrator Jamie Bowden.

In the near future, Old Troy Road access from Bouse Road to Illinois Route 162 will be closed off when construction activities resume.

“We have not started on the last piece,” he said.

Bowden said the village was waiting for the utilities to be relocated and for a schedule from the contractors that “we hopefully will have in the next couple of days” to get a contract from the utility owners.

“But for now we have it open,” he said.

“They’re finishing the grating. They have to finish the grating in Fairfield. All that will be done,” he said. “At some point in the future we will be closing that last piece to get the south piece but that date has yet to be determined.

“We opened it up so you cold get north and south because you might as well leave it open until you can get that reconstruction of that last section,” Bowden explained. “We figured we’d put a transition so people could have access either way. Once we get that schedule, we’ll put a notice out that you can’t go south –  you’ll have to go north or get around. “

If you have any questions contact Jennifer Doody, Public Works Director at 288-2647/, Brian Kulick, Juneau Associates at 659-0900 or Jamie Bowden, Village Administrator 288-2614/

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