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Editor’s Note:

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Stephanie Malench, Editor

By Charlie Feldman

“This part is really good for me because I’ll be working steadily,” she told a Troy Tribune reporter in November 1981, shortly after she got the part.

She was nominated for a daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Soap Opera in 1983. In 1984, she won. She was barely 22 years old. Her parents, Sharon and Sam Walker, still lived in Troy and are still remembered by several Troy residents today.

She appeared on “Family Feud” with her father and brother Jonathan in 1983 and appeared again in 2008. She dated Bronson Pinchot (Balki on“Perfect Strangers”) in the mid-1980s.

By then she was playing Eden Capwell on a new soap opera, “Santa Barbara.” Her maiden name on the show was Eden Kane and her sister’s name was Silver Kane and she was abducted by a disoriented Vietnam veteran called Cain, who became a good bad good bad good guy. Cruz, a cop, was her major love interest. She won the daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama in 1989 on her fourth nomination, beating out “All My Children’s” Susan Lucci. Her mother taped the show for her.

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