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Borror Resigns As Director OF Finance

By Kathy Turner

The Village of Glen Carbon Board met in regular session on Tuesday, December 14 at 7 p.m. and opened their meeting with a moment of silence for those devastated by the storms that ravaged the area on Friday, December 10. Mayor Robert Marcus announced that Village residents will receive notices in their upcoming water bills detailing the Boil Order in the Village earlier in the month. He also reminded residents that Village Hall will be closed on December 24, 27 and 31 in observance of the holidays.

Upon the recommendation of Marcus, the Board approved the appointment of Amanda Martell to the Business Advisory Board of the Village. “Ms. Martel is new to the community and is looking forward to an opportunity to get involved,” said Marcus.

The board unanimously approved the budget of $33,045,165 for the upcoming year on the recommendation of the Finance Committee and Director of Finance Scott Borror. “The budget represents a decrease of $2.5 million over the previous year,” said Borror. Board member Ben Maliszewski pointed out that this year’s budget is currently showing approximately $25,000 in surplus. According to Borror that increase is reflected in sales tax revenue probably as a benefit from the Village receiving sales taxes for online purchases.

The board also approved the Tax Levy and Assessment of Taxes for Tax Year 2021 at $2,945,607. This represents a $9,185 increase from last year’s final tax assessment and projects the same tax rate as last year. According to Borror, the Village saw an increase in personal property taxes last year but a decrease in commercial property taxes.

Representatives of the Father McGivney Catholic High School were in attendance to provide information to the board regarding a request from the school to refinance revenue bonds initially issued in 2014. The bonds were issued by the Village to help in the construction and equipping of the new school on a request for assistance because the partnership would allow for a lower interest rate. The school now asks that the Village refinance the bonds to secure a lower interest rate – decreasing from 3.23% to 2.73% — and extending the maturity date of the bond from December 2029 to December 2031. They also asked that the Village re-designate the bond as a ‘qualified tax-exempt obligation’ under IRS standards. According to Borror, the request has no tax or fund obligations for the Village. The Village is merely acting as a conduit for the financing. The board approved the request unanimously.

The Board approved a Software Service Agreement with Tyler Technologies. This will take the Village from a server-based software model to a cloud-based model. The total cost increase to the Village is $13,563, which will be covered in the first year by a credit already on file with Tyler Technologies for prior service.

The Board approved tax abatements for Municipal Real Estate Taxes for eight properties located in the western part of the Village. Village Administrator Jamie Bowden informed the Board that the eight properties represent part of an annexation agreement with the village. The abatements will be in place for 20 years or until development occurs on the properties.

On a request of Stacy Jose, Building and Zoning Administrator for the Village, the Board approved the purchases of 1 Sassafras Drive and 4 Walnut Drive in the Village. The properties are located in areas of Cottonwood targeted by the Village for redevelopment and recently became available. The Sassafras property will be obtained through a tax sale from the County at a cost of $800. The Walnut Street property will be obtained through a private trust sale at a total cost of $2,004.50.

The Board approved the resignation of Borror as Director of Finance for the Village. Bowden, informed the Board that Borror will be leaving the area at the end of the month, vacating his position. Borror addressed the board and thanked them for the opportunity to work in an environment where ‘everyone works in unison with a common goal.’ Bowden announced that Chiyo Palen will serve as Interim Finance Director effective January 1, 2022, at a base salary of $80,000 and will serve in that role until the completion of a search for an appropriate candidate to fill the position permanently.

The Board approved, on recommendation of Stacy Jose, Building and Zoning Administrator, an update to Section 4-1-1 (K) of the Village Code. The code prohibits junk storage on properties. The update will include a clause identifying ‘items intended to be used for indoor use such as indoor furniture, appliance and exercise equipment’ and prohibits the keeping of such outside of a closed building in the Village.

In final action before executive session, the Board approved the Agreements between the Village of Glen Carbon and both the Police Sergeants Illinois FOP and the Police and Dispatchers Illinois FOP. Both agreements are four-year agreements until 2025. Both agreements also add the recognition of Christmas Eve as a designated holiday. In addition, the sergeants’ agreement will change the compensation for 81 to 84 hours as regular pay as opposed to time and one-half and will include a base pay rate increase of $1.91 per hour and 3% increases annually for the duration of the contract. The police and dispatchers’ contract will have a similar 3% increase over the duration of the contract. In addition, the current policy identifies a probationary pay rate of 10% below standard salary during the probationary period. The new contract will eliminate this clause and will reward newly hired experienced officers with two or more years of prior service with a two-week vacation after their first year of service. It is believed these changes will aid the department in hiring experienced officers.

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