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Madison County Officials Offering Public Opportunity To Speak Again At Health Advisory Committee

Officials want to again open up discussions with the public on Tuesday night, March 1, during Madison County’s Health Advisory Committee.

“Last month, there were 13 people who came to speak at the meeting,” Chairman Kurt Prenzler said. “Everyone who wanted to speak was given an opportunity to share their comments and they were respectful toward one another.”

The committee listened to the remarks made by the public on COVID-19, more specifically about masks in schools before discussing it among themselves. The committee shared their thoughts on everything from the types of masks, how masks are worn and vaccinations in children.

“We want to give citizens another opportunity to bring their concerns on COVID, vaccines or any other health related issue to the committee,” Prenzler said.

The Health Advisory Committee is made up of medical professionals from across the county. Its purpose is to discuss and present information on all health issues to the county board.

Advisory Committee member Joy Birk, a registered nurse, said she wanted to see more positive recommendations from the committee go out to community on how to be healthier.

“Our role is to educate the public about their health and how to be healthy,” Birk said. “I haven’t heard many recommendations on how to remain healthy during this pandemic.”

The Health Advisory Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. at the Administration Building (County Board room) in Edwardsville.

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