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Troy City Council Approves Zoning Map and Enterprise Zone Expansion

By Stephanie Malench

The Troy City Council met on March 21  and passed a number of ordinances and resolutions regarding infrastructure and city property.

Four pre-annexation agreements with city water service requests were approved after there were no questions or objections at the public hearing before the regularly scheduled meeting. The properties that were recently sold and purchased with the new property owners requesting city water include 207 Hazel St., 5 Traci Ann Ct., 528 Coventry Rd, and 9008 N. Blue Haven Dr.

The board also approved three resolutions allowing Mayor Dave Nonn to execute permanent easement agreements for two water and sewer projects. The first was with Evangelical Friedens Geneinde for construction and maintenance of a storm sewer that will drop into the ditch in Friedens Cemetery as part of the Creekside/Avalon drainage project. The city received a grant for $15,000 from Madison County for the project.

The other two easement agreement resolutions were with City On The Hill Ministries and Sean and Elizabeth Owens on Riggin Rd. to get a water Main looped in with Northwoods subdivision to improve water pressure and flow.

The official zoning map for 2022 was approved to include changes made through zoning requests approved in 2021 and cleaned up boundaries by comparing the city’s zoning map and the map on file with Madison County.

An ordinance was passed authorizing a revision of the schedule of fees to increase the rate for the gaming fee from $25 to $125. The ordinance also provides for all fees to be listed in one place.

The 2014 ordinance  regarding the Madison County Discovery Enterprise Zone incentives was amended to cover downtown Troy.

D&D Lawn Care was awarded the bid for contracted mowing in the city at $26,670.47. The budget for the service was $37,000.

During Citizen Participation, Boy Scout Troop 91 had member Abram address the council about the troop’s Citizenship badge project asking the city to address the increase in littering in the city. Nonn replied that the city is working with the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce on a community clean up program, and encouraged the Boy Scouts to help out with the project once finalized.

Three neighbors on Sherwood asked what the progress is on fixing the creek behind their property. City Engineer Tom Cissell said that there will be a public hearing on April 4 at 6 p.m. with a presentation about what the city is planning on doing to slow the flow of water in the creek.

The next regular meeting will be April 4 at 7:30 p.m.

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