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Approved Ordinances by Glen Carbon Village Board Shuffle Property Lines throughout the Village

By Kathy Turner

A major part of the Village of Glen Carbon’s regular board meeting on Wednesday, July 26 seemed to focus on the shuffling of property lines throughout the village.  The first ordinance focused on the new development of Orchard Town Center.  The developers requested that outparcels 4 and 5 be adjusted.  A proposed purchaser for Outparcel 4, which was reportedly for the construction of an Olive Garden Restaurant, requested 22.5 additional feet of land from the adjoining lot 5.  The request was approved.

In another land-related ordinance, the Village approved an amendment to the planned development known as Bluffview Commerce Park.  This development is located on Route 157 and will be the future site of the Ameren Transmission Operating Control Center.  The request was for a minor subdivision of land at the site.  Ameren requested that Lot 1 of the development be divided into Lot 1A and Lot 1B.  This would allow for construction of two structures on the lot.  Ameren was seeking the subdivision to allow for a potential office building structure addition to the current development.  The motion was approved.

In another matter relating to the Bluffview Commerce Park, the board approved an ordinance allowing for a tax abatement for Lot 1B.  This property is located within the Madison County Discovery Enterprise Zone, developed to encourage business development in the communities served by the zone.  Lot 1B is the potential site for a building that would, according to the documents submitted, house a 50-employee office structure.

Finally, the board approved another minor subdivision at the corner of North Main Street and Hickory Hills Lane, part of the Hickory Hills Subdivision.  The adjustment is the result of two property owners agreeing to exchange 235 square feet of property from each other to rectify an improper location of a fence.  The board approved the minor subdivision.

An additional action extended the property lines of the Village.  The Board approved the final section plan for Phase 6 of the Savannah Crossing Development.  Phase 6 represents the final expansion of the development.  This phase will include 42 lots.

In other business on Wednesday, the Village welcomed two new officers to the Glen Carbon Police Force.  Officers Matthew Sprankle and Alex Carson were sworn in by Mayor Marcus and received their badges from both of their fiances.

Mayor Marcus announced that the Glenfest will beheld on October 1st.  This year’s Glenfest will include a pet parade at 5 p.m.  Proceeds raised from the parade will go to Partners for Pets.

The board authorized Director of Public Works Scott Slemer to enter into a letter of intent with Morrow Brothers Ford to purchase a bucket truck in 2023.  The village intended to make this purchase in 2022 but the quote for the vehicle came in at more than $120,000 which was more than $35,000 over budget.  Because of this, Slemer asked the board to approve the letter of intent to ‘lock in’ a price for the equipment, carry over the budgeted $120,000 and add the additional $35,000 to the 2023 budget to meet the cost.  The board approved.

Slemer also requested that the Board reject the only bid received for the EVCS Installations – Charging Stations – at Schon Park.  The sole bid for the project came in more than twice the anticipated cost due to equipment and labor shortages.  Slemer believes that rebidding the project in October will present a better chance of lower bids for the project to be completed next Spring.  One grant designated for the project will be lost, but Slemer feels that there is the possibility of replacing and maybe even increasing the grant funds for the project later.  The board approved.

Finally, the Board approved an amendment to the Village’s Code pertaining to the sale of package liquor by restaurants.  Primarily as a result of the pandemic, several restaurants have asked the village to consider allowing patrons to purchase packaged liquor, i.e. bottles of wine, canned/bottled beer, from their establishments.  The board reviewed the requests and, on the recommendation of Village Administrator Jamie Bowden, approved the ordinance.

The next meeting of the Glen Carbon Village Board will be held on Tuesday, August 9 at 7 p.m.

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