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Grants and holiday projects discussed at St. Jacob meeting

By Brandon Wells

Last Wednesday’s meeting of the St. Jacob village council brought about updates to ongoing projects, as well as to how this year’s Christmas in the Village will be handled.

Starting off the meeting, Chief of Police Gary Kukla swore in Stephen Howe as an official police officer for St. Jacob Police Department. Stephen was accompanied by his father, police Sgt. Steve Howe who also presented him with his badge.

The resignation of Curtis Kinnick from the public works crew was also approved.

The treasurer’s report was also given at the meeting, with a surplus of around $23,000 for the month of August reported.

An issue involving a mortgage payment from May of $42,000 not being put on the report around that time was also reported. This amount has been accounted for, but this means the reports up to the date of Oct. 6 have been off by the amount of $42,000. Despite this amount, the village has a year-to-date surplus of $10,000.

For this year’s holiday event, the board voted to spend up to $5,000 to get a second bid on light pole electrical repairs for street decorations. The discussion of getting new decorations was also brought up, with the board approving the amount of up to $8,500 plus shipping being approved for 30 new pieces out of the homecoming fund.

The board also approved to sponsor a $750 donation to the Chamber’s Got Talent event from the homecoming fund.

For the Mill Pond bathrooms, the board voted to pursue available grants to pay for it.

Trustee Guideon Richeson reported that the crosswalk at Olyvia St. and Ellis Road had not yet been approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation and will be discussed more upon approval.

The board also discussed a request for the 35 mph speed limit be moved before the crosswalk upon police Sgt. Howe’s observation that the crosswalk would fall in a 45 mph speed zone.

On the topic of the new water tower, Trustee Dawn Ross reported to Mayor Richard Shiefer prior to the meeting that she had not received any communications regarding the project. The board also approved the seeking of bids for replacement of the sand filters.

After being approved in the Sep. 21 meeting, the aerators were cleaned and the board approved the discussion of a biannual plan for the cleaning.

The board then approved a deal with Certop for operation of the water and sewer plant.

Chief Kukla reported that no fines had been collected since the last meeting and eight traffic citations were issued. Trustee Tim Elliot brought up the topic of a pay raise for officer Justin Hewitt and part-time officers to be discussed at the next meeting.

The meeting ended with the claims of $40,609.50 from the meeting being approved.

The village council’s next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 19 at the St. Jacob Village Hall.


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