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Board welcomes Kupinski to the Police Department

By Brandon Wells

Last Wednesday’s board meeting brought raises, bids and a new officer to the St. Jacob Police Department.

James Kupinski is an officer who worked with Police Chief Gary Kukla in Fairmont City and is now joining the St. Jacob Police Department after being approved by the board at the wage of $20/hr.

The treasurer report started off the meeting with news about the village doing well financially.

Christmas bonuses for village employees were announced, with $1.25 for full-time workers and $0.75 for part-time workers.

Appointments for the 2023 homecoming committee were also discussed, but Mayor Richard Schiefer said the topic would have to be discussed with potential returning members as well. The appointment of two new members, Misty Hastings and Samantha Ethridge, were also approved by the board.

Trustee Guideon Richeson reported the progress on the Christmas in the Village event, announcing that attendance prizes will still be given out for children and adults like previous years.

While Trustee Dawn Ross was absent, the topic of a new water tower was discussed, and is being reconsidered due to issues of stale water and expensive maintenance if it was built. The option of a ground storage tank and a booster station was brought up, but it will be discussed at a later date.

Three bids for the replacement of the village’s sand filters were presented, with the bid from Haier Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for $152,010 being accepted by the board.

After being discussed at the previous meeting, the board approved the installing a new dry hydrant near the Lindow Properties once an easement is discussed and the village attorney is involved. The village will cover the cost of the hydrant.

The hydrant on Highway 40 and the light post near the Dollar General will be tabled pending more info.

For police reports, Kukla said the department issued two traffic citations and collected $597 in fees and fines.

The crosswalk at Olyvia St. and Ellis Road was approved by IDOT and bids will be made open and are planned to be discussed at the second meeting of December on Dec. 21.

Claims in the amount of $36,499 were accepted by the board.

The next meeting of the St. Jacob village board will take place at 6:30, Dec. 7, at the St. Jacob Village Hall.


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