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Glen Carbon updates ordinances on recommendations of Building and Zoning

Glen Carbon Village Clerk Kathleen Scaturro (far left) conducted the swearing in on Village Board members recently re-elected. They are (front to back on right) Mark Foley, Nekisha Omotola and Victor Smith. (Photo by Kathy Turner)

By Kathy Turner

The Glen Carbon Village Board on Tuesday, May 9 approved five new ordinances that will clean up restrictions within the Village. All five went into effect upon passage. 

Ordinance 2023-14 pertains to persons selling vehicles with signage in the Village. The ordinance states that it is unlawful to have a sign identifying a vehicle for sale on any public or private property except for property owned by the seller or for car dealerships. 

The second ordinance clarifies the definition of trailers. Trailers are defined in the ordinance as “a container, flatbed, wagon, vehicle, or truck with wheels that is not capable of self-propulsion but is intended to be pulled or towed by another vehicle to carry or transport various items.” 

The ordinance itself prohibits parking trailers on any lot, storing commercial equipment on a trailer visible from the street or right-of-way, or parking trailers in front of a residence or lot apart from the time of actually loading or unloading the trailer. 

Ordinance 2023-16 pertains to boats and RV parking in the Village. The ordinance outlines that no more than one recreational vehicle or boat can be parked on any lot; that no recreational vehicle or boat can be used as a dwelling; that no recreational vehicle or boat can be used as an office or for any commercial purposes; and, that no recreational vehicle or boat can be parked in front of the front façade, either the front yard or driveway. They may be parked on side and rear yards.  

A discussion surrounding this ordinance clarified that there would be allowances for parking RVs in the driveway during set up or winterizing of vehicles. Should the village receive a complaint about a potential problem, they will reach out to the property owner and allow time for these processes.  

Ordinance 2023-17 was approved and then immediately amended by the Board for clarification.  The ordinance pertains to open and outdoor storage and strictly prohibits the outdoor storage of ‘appliances, building materials or building debris, vehicle parts, boat parts, scrap metal, machine parts, indoor furniture, tools, ladders, lawnmowers, weed eaters, landscaping tools, extension cords, buckets, coolers, spray jugs, dollies, wheelbarrows, paint cans, animal cages or carriers, strollers or car seats, garbage or garbage sacks, trash or similar items’ where they are visible from adjoining property. All must be stored in a building, garage or shed.  

In addition, when not in use, bicycles, scooters, smokers and grills must be either behind the residence or stored. Cut firewood stacked in lengths not exceeding three feet for the personal use of the resident and stored in a side or rear yard will be permitted. Rubbish, garbage, trash or other items for pickup by a collector may be in the front for no more than 24 hours prior to collection.  

The above ordinance will pertain to all residential zoning classifications except for multiple unit apartment buildings where storage may be restrictive. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

The final approved ordinance amends the village code pertaining to residential sidewalks and driveways. It clarifies installation requirements and will be circulated to builders in the area and shared with them during the permitting stages. 

In other business, the Board approved an amendment to the contract with WHKS moving the planning of the new water treatment plant one step further in the process. They also approved two contracts with Juneau Associates for a new water line from Booster Station No. 2 connecting mains in Somerset and Meridian Oaks Subdivisions and pump replacement. The project will improve the flow to those service areas.  

Finally, the Board approved an agreement with TWM, Inc. for the design and construction engineering for a new parking lot. The Village purchased the property at 173 South Main Street and will construct a public parking lot at that location. The property is located just west of The Wooden Nickel. It is hoped the increased parking in the area will reduce traffic congestion. 

The next meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday, May 23 at 7 p.m.

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