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Green Temple cannabis dispensary opens in Troy

Troy’s first cannabis dispensary, Green Temple, is now open at its location at 904 Edwardsville Road. (Photo by Pat Pratt) 

By Pat Pratt

Troy’s first cannabis dispensary, Green Temple, is now open for business. 

“We really are happy to be finally opening,” General Manager Casey Stosberg said. “It’s been a long project we have been working on. We are getting a lot of calls from a lot of people and they really are excited about us being here.”

Green Temple will be open from noon to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, at its location at 904 Edwardsville Road. However, those hours are planned to be expanded in the near future to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. 

Stosberg said the dispensary wanted to start off with a “soft opening” to ensure retail systems and inventory were all up and running smoothly. The dispensary also wanted to use experienced staff at the onset, until new employees can be trained. 

“We are just testing out our point of sales systems, and our tablets, and working out any problems that might arise from the system itself,” Stosberg said. “We are making sure everything syncs up between our systems and the state’s inventory control system, as well as our inventory.”

Stosberg said the business chose the location at 904 Edwardsville Road because there was a need, with the relatively small number of dispensaries serving the heavily populated Metro East. 

“When choosing the location it was more about being here in the mid to southern part of the state as opposed to being up north near Chicago,” Stosberg said. “It’s really condensed up there with the number of dispensaries they have up there now. With fewer dispensaries in the area and highway access, we thought this would be a perfect location.”

The dispensary will also benefit Troy, as sales there will add to the city coffers. In addition, Green Temple currently employees 14 people and that number is expected to climb to 20 in the future. For more information about careers and the dispensary visit online. 

“So right now we are starting off with a smaller team that already has experience,” Stosberg said. “And as business dictates we plan to hire more.” 

At this time, Green Temple is solely retail with discounts for medical patients. They will offer most major brands carried by other Illinois retailers, as state law prohibits importation of cannabis products. And there will be a wide variety of products, from edibles to oil and flower. 

“We can only buy from cultivators in Illinois,” Stosberg said. “So we will have all the main brands you know – Rise, Cresco, High Supply, Rhythm. We are also aiming at getting some items that people wouldn’t normally find on the shelves that are very good.” 


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