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Troy Fire Protection District plans Santa visit

by Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor

TROY — Christmas is just around the corner, but good little boys and girls still have an opportunity to see Jolly Old St. Nicholas before he wraps up the holiday season. 

The Troy Fire Protection will be driving Santa Claus going from approximately 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Dec. 21. Fire Chief George May explained what people can expect.

“We will have a live Facebook feed as well as driving Santa Claus around the city on the fire truck,” May said. “We try to get  a majority of the neighborhoods, we can’t get to every street, but we do our best to get down to at least every neighborhood, and the majority of the major streets in each neighborhood so that the kids can get the opportunity to see Santa Claus on a fire truck.”

The live feed will be found on the “Troy Fire Protection District” Facebook page.

“We will have a live feed, and it kind of gives you an update on where Santa is going, where he has been and kind of the layout,” May said.

Troy Police Chief Chris Wasser said that they will have officers escorting Santa and the fire truck during the event and they are hoping to provide a drone view of the event.

“We will assist with traffic and then we are going to have our drones out as well to try to get a overhead view of the fire truck kind moving through town, it is something new,” Wasser said. “We are trying to somehow get it so everybody can see above and the tech guys are working on that. We will be leading the fire truck around, we will have a couple of cars out there, it runs pretty seamlessly.”

Wasser spoke on continuing to grow the collaborative relationship between Troy Police and Troy Fire.

“The relationship we have with the fire department has strengthened over the past year and I think this is great for the citizens to see the police department and fire department coming together with bringing Santa Claus to town,” Wasser said.

May commented on what it means for the Troy Fire Protection District to put on this event.

“It is a great way to go out and show appreciation, how much we appreciate them and give them the opportunity to see Santa Claus during the holidays,”  May said.

The event is subject to weather and road conditions.

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