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St. Jacob Village Board Donates to Highland Moose for Shop With a Cop

by Stephanie Malench

ST. JACOB — The St. Jacob Village Board met on Dec. 20 for the last meeting of the year.

Community development, and streets/lanes had no reports. Water had no updates on the water tower or sewer lining application but was made aware of a situation at the lift station on Keck Road. The shirts were ordered for public works through the buildings and grounds committee and proofs of the designs are on the way.

The board voted to approve hiring Jessica Horton as a part time police officer and to donate $1,500 from the Homecoming fund to the Highland Moose for participating in the Shop with a Cop this year. Starting next year, the donation will be voted on before the event. Six citations were issued and $1,097 in fees/fines were collected by the police department.

Public Works Director Nick Timmons had the most updates in the meeting. All of the new meters have been installed except for 42 located inside homes or apartments. There was also an issue with the lift station on Keck Road being clogged and close to overflowing from flushable wipes. The water had to be sucked down for the wipes to be removed. The residents serviced by the station were informed that even though the packages say flushable, not to dispose of the wipes down the toilet. The station will be monitored more frequently.

The board will not meet on Jan. 3 and the next meeting will be Jan. 17 at 6:30 pm in Village Hall.

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