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Development a highlight for Troy in 2023

by Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor

TROY — Development, annexation and various infrastructure improvements were highlights for the City of Troy in 2023.

According to information provided by the City of Troy, in 2021 the Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) for all the property in the city was $262 million and in 2022 the value increased by $23 million to $285 million. City Administrator Jay Keeven said with the annexations that have occurred the EAV is going to increase for 2023.

“We annexed two large subdivisions, Stonebriar and Shadow Wood,” Keeven said. “Those annexations brought in 185 homes that will now be added to our EAV. In addition to that, the mayor’s goal to annex Triad High School in, that was accomplished last year, so now the high school is within the city of Troy and our police officers provide school resource officer services there.”

Keeven said while adding the school district doesn’t add directly to the EAV it was an important goal for Troy Mayor David Nonn and the city.

“It doesn’t add to your EAV because obviously a school district doesn’t pay taxes, but for the safety of those high school kids he felt really strongly that we should have our police officers providing service there,” Keeven said.

Troy also saw plenty of movement when it came to its downtown redevelopment and welcoming small businesses into the community. Keeven noted businesses Salt Wellness Spa and BeLong Luxury Salon & Extension Co., both owned by Anna Jones as well as Rose MedSpa & Wellness, owned by Eric and Dr. India Johnson. The city also used some redevelopment funds to help Red Door Cottage with facade work, which included parking lot and sidewalk improvements. The city also purchased the building next to city hall and added 19 parking spaces.

“All of this downtown development was as a result of redevelopment agreements with TIF (Tax Increment Financing) funding or business district funding,” Keeven said. “If you offer incentives for development, then developers want to build in your town.”

Other highlights included both Casey’s and Pilot Truck Centers adding electric vehicle charging stations. The Green Temple Cannabis Dispensary opened. Keeven said Nu Way Concrete Forms and Rentals had a large expansion on their building located Resource Drive.

“Beautiful building, they are bending rebar for construction,” Keeven said.

The city recently completed a water retention project as well to handle rainwater runoff.

“We had problems with some flooding streets and bad detention areas,” Keeven said, later adding. “We dug out a detention area and did about a $200,000 project all funded with grant money to help with water rain off in the area, the Bargraves Detention project is what we called it.”

Troy Mayor David Nonn shared his thoughts on 2023 in Troy.

“The council and myself are proud of the accomplishments that we have made in the last 12 months and hope to continue to grow the city in a positive manner,” Nonn said.

Green Temple cannabis dispensary was one of several business that opened in the Troy community in 2023. 

The city of Troy also used some redevelopment funds to help Red Door Cottage with facade work, which included parking lot and sidewalk improvements.

Officials with the city of Troy were proud of the redevelopment of its downtown to welcome businesses such as Salt Wellness Spa, BeLong Luxury Salon & Extension Co. and Rose MedSpa & Wellness.


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