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Troy City Council Approves Resolutions of Support for Potential Projects

By Josh Jones
Times Tribune Editor 

TROY — The Troy City Council approved various resolutions committing funds for potential projects for infrastructure improvements throughout the community. 

The first of these approved resolutions was for the reconstruction of Zenk Road, from Riggin Road to Oakwood Drive. Troy City Administrator Jay Keeven said that they currently do not have an estimated cost for the project. 

“We are applying for $100,000 of Madison County Community Development Block Grant funds to cover a roadway improvement for a small section of Zenk Road between Oakwood Drive and Riggin Road,” Keeven said. “ This grant has not been completed and is due in April.  As with many projects, if we receive the grant during 2024, the project would likely begin in 2025.”

The next resolution for support and commitment of funds regarded storm sewer improvements on Harbor Mill Drive. The City of Troy is applying to Madison County Building & Zoning for a Fiscal Year 2024 $15,000 Environmental Grant. The city is committing  matching funds in the amount of at least 20% of the $15,000 grant ( $3,000) for use in conjunction with an Environmental Grant. The estimated total cost of the project is $25,836.40. Keeven went into further details as the city will be matching more. 

“We are only required to match $3,000, but will be matching over $10,000, some of which will be our staff ‘in-kind’ labor hours,” Keeven said. “If approved, this project would move quickly since the city is providing the labor for the project.”

The project is referred to as a streambank restoration. According to information from the grant application, an existing flared end section in the rear yard of 260 Harbor Mill discharges near the top of a steep slope without erosion protection and severe erosion has occurred downstream as a result. This project will extend the enclosed storm system to a location near the toe of the slope, add erosion protection at the discharge location and restore the eroded area upstream of the natural channel. The goal of this project is to minimize the risk of erosion and sedimentation in the downstream channel. 

The final resolution of support/commitment of funds approved during the meeting was for the reconstruction of Bouse Road from Old Troy Road to 500 feet east of Whitworth Drive. If approved, this section of Bouse Road will generally be improved to a 24 foot wide concrete street with four foot wide asphalt shoulders and a 10 foot wide shared-use path that connects into Madison County Transit’s Goshen Trail.

“The Bouse Rd grant is a reapplication.  We applied last year and missed the cut off for funding.  Our City Engineer, Tom Cissell, and I attended a debriefing with IDOT in May of 2023,” Keeven said. “We have adjusted our grant application with the suggestions made by the IDOT staff and are hopeful we will receive funding in 2024.  If we are awarded the grant, construction will most likely begin in 2025.”

In Other Business 

The council approved an ordinance approving an amendment to the official zoning map changing the zoning designations of 1501 and 1515 Formosa Road from R-1 Single Family Residential to I-1 Light Industry. Because the rezoning was approved the property will be annexed into the City of Troy and the buyer will complete the purchase.

The council voted down an ordinance regarding creating Title II, Chapter 35 Police, Section 35.045 (Assistant Chief of Police) within the codified ordinances. The council instructed the city administrator to create a new ordinance that includes a college degree requirement.  That ordinance is expected to be presented during the first council meeting in February.

The council approved a resolution authorizing the continuing support of the Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan. 

The council approved a resolution regarding accepting a preliminary plat for Waterford Villas. 


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