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St. Jacob Residents Need To Be Alert For New Water Meters

By Stephanie Malench

ST. JACOB — The St. Jacob Village Board held its first meeting for 2024 on Jan. 17.

The Homecoming Committee is looking for more volunteers. Interested residents should contact Mayor Richard Schiefer at (314)677-7200.

The Village is asking all residents to take care when mowing or doing any other work in their yards now that the new water meters are installed. They have a black, plastic dome on the top (see picture) that protects the radio antenna for Public Works to read usage and can easily be damaged by setting the blades on the lawnmower too low.

The Village is drafting an ordinance where any customer who damages the dome and/or radio will pay up to a $375 fee for the Village to repair and replace the unit. The new meters record water use on an hourly basis and are more accurate. If a resident suspects a leak they can call the water department at any time to check the log instead of waiting until their next bill.

During the Public Works report, Nick Timmons reported that the village made $4,600 recycling the brass and stainless-steel screws from the old water meters. Timmons was also promoted to Supervisor after a brief closed session. The board also approved the Water and Sewer Committee’s recommendation that the village move forward with applying for the USDA loan for the sewer lining project.

Police Chief Gary Kuka reported that since the Dec. 20 board meeting, the police collected $540 in fees and fines and issued 5 tickets. There were no major incidents. Triad School District has agreed to pay half of the cost for the mini radio used by the SRO officer.

An informational discussion was lead by Kukla as recommended by Schiefer about replacing the taser that is aging out with a bola wrap. A bola wrap is a wire with a ball at each end that wraps around the suspect. The bola wrap is reportedly more effective and does not require an EMS professional to remove the dart from the suspect. The taser has never been used. A new taser or bola wrap would each cost $1,600.

The next meeting will be Feb. 7 at 6:30 pm in Village Hall.

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