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Maryville welcomes new Revolution Dispensary

By Devese “Dee” Ursery

MARYVILLE — The new Revolution has started in the traditional village of Maryville with the grand opening of a new dispensary to the community.
Revolution Dispensary, in partnership with Bolden Investments had the ribbon-cutting of their second store this past Friday on Feb.16, at the 2533 Vandalia Street location in Maryville.

The community was welcomed to celebrate the occasion, which represents Revolution Dispensary’s commitment to superior quality and customer connections, a news release stated. Charles Bolden, CEO, of Bolden Investments said that Revolution Dispensary’s claim-to-fame is that they produce their own product as well as provide high energy service.

“The difference starts with our staff and then we make our product too. We have our own and we have been in the field for a while,” Bolden said. “The experience and having your own product and the way we hire are what stand out to me right away. You come into a Revolution store and you’ll see and feel the energy right off the bat.”

Bolden and his partners launched their flagship dispensary in Moline on Dec. 6, 2023, Bolden Investments I, LLC is proud to open the second Illinois location in Maryville. This expansion is a  testament to their commitment to excellence and reflects the warm reception from customers in  Illinois.

Bolden, a proponent for the decriminalization of cannabis believes the stigma placed on the plant is man-made and will subside in due time because of the positive feedback from recent studies. He said the amount of tax revenue that the dispensary will receive will help the community in a variety of ways.

“The Revolution Dispensary looks for things in the community that make grants that give to the community, so it’s a win-win for us and the community,” Bolden said.

Revolution Cannabis is their signature brand, synonymous with quality and scientific discovery, according to a statement from their website They have a genetics research program that they are heavily invested in that offers the industry’s most robust strain library. Revolution has a catalog of strains that have won 20 total Cannabis Cup awards, with 11 first-place wins. With the highest growing standards in the industry, each plant is carefully nurtured to its full potential, every step of the way –  from seed to shelf.

In addition to connoisseur-grade “flower”, Revolution has an expanding  list of product offerings to include hand-made concentrates, pre-rolls, vapes, and edibles. All our products are crafted with care and intention from Revolution genetics – delivering on the promise of Higher Science, Higher Standards.

Shoppers visiting during the grand opening celebration enjoyed exclusive deals and discounts.  The event also allowed visitors to delve into a curated range of top-tier cannabis products in an inclusive and highly knowledgeable environment.

“Our mission is to set the bar sky-high for the cannabis industry, and we are excited to extend  that passion for quality and service to the Maryville community. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of what we do,” Bolden said.  “We are eager to share knowledge and premium products from Revolution brands, including Revolution Cannabis, Tales and Travels, and other top cultivators in the state.”

Along with representatives from Revolution, Maryville Mayor Craig Short and President/CEO of the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce, Dawn Mushill.

Mushill said she knew it was going to be a great partnership when the Revolution team reached out to the Chamber for help with their open-house. “I love that they are taking partnership with us,” Mushill continued.

Mushill pointed out how important location is, with the dispensary situated right along U.S. Route 159, and Highway 55 at the Maryville/Collinsville exit. She explained people from out of town can get off the Highway and visit the dispensary and people from Maryville will no longer need to go out of town for the service.

According to Mushill, the TMSM Chamber of Commerce discussed doing a multiple breakfast event for businesses in that strip mall to talk about the services they provide, since they are all Chamber members. She explained that education is also important.

“I think education is the key. A lot of people just don’t understand what a dispensary is,” Mushill said. “People are interested and want to know who can go there or what do you need to go there? For example, I have no idea, someone would have to educate me.”

Maryville was one of the areas that was issued a license by the State of Illinois to open a dispensary, according to Bolden.

“After we got boots on the ground and we started looking at locations Maryville just stood out because the Chamber of Commerce and a lot of the community was just backing it,” Bolden said. “It was something that they were very welcoming toward.”

Sean Molina, vice president of business operations,  Revolution Dispensary said they evaluated the region and were looking for an area that was in need of a location that wasn’t previously saturated.

“We were looking for a community that was really yearning for a dispensary and a government that was looking to bring one in,” Molina said. “We’ve been in discussion with Mayor Craig Short and his staff, they were very welcoming and very eager to have a business like ours open up shop here and we hope to continue working with them and the people of Maryville for years to come.”

Molina said from a knowledge standpoint, he thinks it’s a matter of people becoming comfortable with the industry and educated about the effects of the product. We’re here to help them understand the benefits of the plant and what it could bring them in regards to their overall health and wellness.

“Our staff here is willing to work with customers whether they’re seasoned veterans of the industry or people who are new to it and are just curious,” Molina said. “Our staff is here to help them and to help educate them so that they learn about the product and see how it might benefit them whether it be on the recreational or medicinal side.”

According to Maryville Mayor Craig Short, most of the community is excited about the opening of the dispensary and fills a need for the people of Maryville.

“Just because we didn’t have a dispensary didn’t mean people from Maryville weren’t looking for the services. They would just take their money out of town and spend it elsewhere,” Short said. “Instead of having them patronize other cities somewhere else, why not promote a local business and have someone here.”

Short explained that the Village, for the most part, is very excited. He said Maryville is pretty conservative, so there will still be those pockets of residents that feel that this is the wrong thing to do. 

“But we’re a changing community and we’re trying to progress forward,” Short continued. 

Short believes that Revolution Dispensary can help the community in a positive way by being good partners. He added that management and ownership of the dispensary want to be a part of the community and want to be involved and sponsor community activities through education. 

“Basically the key is, not just coming in to do business, but to be a part of the community and that’s the benefit that we’re going to see,” Short said. “There’s going to be revenue generated, but it’s going to add to what we already have. It might help us to lower our costs with something else which will, in the long run, help the community too.” 

Maryville Dispensary grand Opening: From left to right: Mayor of Maryville Craig Short and Charles Bolden of Bolden Investments pose at the grand opening of the new Revolution Dispensary,(Photo by Devese “Dee” Ursery)

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