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Safety Utmost Concern For Troy

It was an unprecedented and historical night for the Troy City Council on Monday as they held their meeting online using the Zoom platform. A total of 27 people participated or viewed the online meeting.

“It’s hard to really express into words how much the world has changed in the three weeks since we last met on March 16,” Mayor Allen Adomite said.

As expected the primary focus of the meeting was to stress safety and social distancing. The council also spoke about how they have been following guidelines to ensure the well being of city employees.

Beginning on March 23 the city administration and water clerk staffing was cut by 50%. Currently two employees work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, while the other two employees work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. All employees are also receiving full pay and are advised that while not at work, that employee is still on call and should be prepared to come in if contacted for an emergency. City hall is also

Thorough disinfection has also been implemented within city hall. Incoming mail is spayed with Lysol and opened with disposable gloves. Employees are advised to wipe down frequently touched services. All furniture and surfaces are wiped down again at the end of each shift.

The public works department staff is also reduced to have with four employees working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the other four come in on Tuesday and Thursday. The shifts are switched every week and all employees are receiving full pay and are on call when not on duty. There is currently one operator at each plant that follows the same work schedule. Staff is advised not to share rides at work. Sanitary practices include cleaning equipment with a bleach dilution.

OnMarch 19 building inspectors beam working from their individual trucks ad homes. A daily teleconference is held at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. between inspectors and administrative assistants. Each morning inspectors get an email from the administrator with the daily schedule and any information needed to do inspections. Rental inspections are one in vacant units with no one present. All employees are receiving full pay. Employees are also wiping down the building and zoning office daily.

“A lot of these things had to be implemented on the fly and pretty quickly.” said City Administrator Doug Partner. “We are looking out for the best interest of employee safety as well as mitigating our risks and practicing social distancing guidelines.”

During the police report Troy Chief of Police Brad Parsons gave an update on what it’s been like for him and his staff during these trying times.

“Policing in Troy today is nothing like it was three months ago,” Parsons said.

Parsons stated that the department is involved in teleconferences twice a week with the Madison County Sherrif’s Department, State Police as well as the Governor’s office.

As far as safety equipment goes, the staff are in good shape, but need to make sure they are mindful of what they use and how much in order to ensure they do not runout.

“Right now we have enough N-95 masks,” Parsons said.

According to Parsons use of N-95 masks by officers are done only when the six feet distancing rule has to be breached and they have to enter residences. While on patrol officers are encouraged to wear surgical masks and gloves.

In order to help combat any potential violation of social distancing done by businesses or individuals, the city unanimously passed an ordinance to establish a public nuisance citation for the violation of the Governors executive orders.

Any person or entity having been found guilty of violating any Executive Order of the Governor of the State of Illinois pursuant to the Governor’s powers under Article 5 of the Illinois Constitution and Sections 7(1), 7(2), 7(8), 7(10), and 7(12) of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act, 20 ILCS 3305 shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $750 per day that such offense continues.

Other action taken during the meeting included the extension of the establishment of temporary Executive powers. The motion passed 6-2, with Sam Italiano and Tony Manley voting no.

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