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County Board Rejects Map, Appointments

By Stephanie Malench

The Madison County Board met live for the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic on May 19. After rejecting the resolution adopting Chairman Kurt Prenzler’s County Board redistricting map to 25 districts and board members, the board proceeded to keep three of Prenzler’s appointments for the Madison County Flood Prevention Board, the Madison County Transit Board, and the Wood River Drainage and Levee District Board) on the table for another month.

The recommendation for David Schwind’s reappointment to the Madison County Flood Prevention Board also failed.

Appointments that passed include Joe Dauderman being reappointed to the Madison County Assessment office, Steve Smith was appointed to replace Susan Rolens on the Madison County Board of Review, Billy Dillow was appointed to fill the rest of Nathan Kincade’s three- year term on the Marine Community Fire Protection District Board, and Ryan Cunningham was appointed to finish the three-year term on the Troy Fire Protection Board after Darren Reeves resignation.

Collective bargaining agreements between the brd and Teamsters Local Union No. 525 for Animal Control and the Highway Department were both approved.

An ordinance was passed expanding the Southwestern Madison County Enterprise Zone was passed adding properties in Granite City along Route 203 expanding north to the Union Pacific Railroad and along Johnson Rd and most of the area in Venice between Route 3 and the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad north to Broadway.

Other items of interest follow.

A PEP loan of $62,800 to the City of Wood River was approved to purchase a 14-foot wide area rotary mower.

The board awarded a contract worth $60,000 with the National Development Council to provide technical assistance to the department to develop affordable housing, community and economic development projects for the next year.

The annual ArcGIS contract with ESRI for the Information Technology Department was approved for $71,734.06 beginning July 1.

The current contract with AT&T for 911 services was renewed for the 2021 calendar year for $398,064.

Emergency repairs to the lift station #A2 in special services area #1 were approved for $85,408.11 by J.H. Contractors, Inc.

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