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Collinsville Restaurant Permit Approved

By Randy Pierce

8410 Collinsville Road in Collinsville is the location of a structure which will be converted into a restaurant and managed by an individual who has had one which has been very successful in Fairmont City for several years.

For that property owned by Ralph Ferguson of Glen Carbon, Alejandro Najar Camacho has received unanimous approval from the St. Clair County Board for a special use permit at its regular monthly meeting held on Monday, November 28. 

The special use permit is necessary because, while a restaurant would be allowed at this location which is zoned B-2 for certain businesses, Camacho wishes to sell alcohol by the drink in addition to the food to be served there.

Camacho plans to complete the upgrading of the structure to bring it into compliance with the appropriate building and plumbing code standards as he is required to do before he can open for business, estimating that this would take about a month before completion of those components.

St. Clair County Board member Robert Allen Jr. of Fairmont City had contacted the county’s zoning administrator, Anne Markezich, about this permit request and stated he would offer no objection to it, being aware of the restaurant business already run by Camacho in that community to the west of Collinsville.

The site of the Collinsville Road restaurant is on the south side of that street west of Harvard Avenue in that part of Collinsville which is within the boundaries of St. Clair County. Ferguson formerly operated a business called Ralph’s Reconditioned Appliances there.

In developing its recommendation of approval for the county board, the zoning board of appeals determined there would be no negative impact to surrounding properties, traffic and the neighborhood in general if Camacho moves forward with this project which will be operated under the corporate name of Mariscos Seafood el Najar LLC.



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