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Man sentenced to 60 years in death of Edwardsville couple

Times-Tribune staff

A former Collinsville man was sentenced Tuesday to 60 years in prison in the 2019 murder of an Edwardsville couple. 

Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office said in a news release 27-year-old Zachary I. Capers received the sentence for the murder of Michael and Lois Ladd. 

Zachary I. Capers

He will serve 100-percent of that term, ensuring he will never again pose a danger to the community, according to State’s Attorney Tom Haine. 

“The Ladds meant so much to their family, their friends and their community,” Haine said. “There is no sentence that could even begin to make up for the tremendous loss felt by the many loved ones of this couple. But with this conviction, we at least have the assurance that this perpetrator will never again pose a threat to our community.”

Capers was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing the couple, who were will-known in the community. Michael Ladd was 79 and Lois Ladd was 68 when they were killed March 17, 2019 inside their home on Kansas Street. 

Police arrested Capers after he was stopped in relation to a suspicious motorist report. During the stop, authorities located evidence tying him to the murders. 

At one point in the case, a judge found that Capers was unfit to stand trial. After receiving treatment at a secure Illinois Department of Human Services facility, Capers in December was deemed fit to stand trial.

“For the loved ones of Michael and Lois Ladd, this has been a long and difficult process, in part due to the questions about the perpetrator’s fitness,” Haine said. “The Ladds’ family members and loved ones have demonstrated tremendous stoicism. Our hope is that this resolution will allow them to begin to heal.” 

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