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Marine Sewer Lining to be completed by March 6, 2024

by Stephanie Malench

MARINE — The Marine Village Board met on Nov. 15 with just two voting issues on the agenda and two updates.

During public comment, Kurt Hobbs came and gave details about installing a vending machine with Coca Cola products at Heritage (lake) Park. The village has decided to put a vending machine there due to resident and visitor feedback.

The machine will be located on the NE corner by the restrooms. The lease with Hobbs is covered with up to $3 million in liability insurance. He will install the concrete pad and electric. It will be insulated to not freeze in the winter and inventory will be monitored remotely by Hobbs. HE is also working on technology to have a security camera in the front of the machine.

The Village will only be responsible for paying the electric and will keep 10% of gross sales. The board approved the proposal, and the machine will be installed in the spring.

The second citizen to speak to the board was Ricky Gibbs. He wants to donate a park bench to the village and place it under the big pecan tree in Tank Park.

The last speaker under citizen participation was John Molitor asking for an update on the sewer lining project. Mayor Kelly Tracy was finally able to announce that the project will be starting soon and must be completed by March 6, 2024.
Under committee reports, Police & Health, Water & Sewer, Ordinances, and Parks had nothing to report. The street department has been busy repairing several water leaks throughout the village.

The Finance Committee held its quarterly meeting before the regular board meeting and everything is on track for the budget year.

New business included approval of contracting with Thompson & Lengacher for the 2023 audit.

The board voted to approve a start date of November 1, 2023, for John Molitor to take the role of Zoning Administrator and he would receive $30 of the existing $150 fee for permits. Building Inspector Keith Thorn will keep the remaining $120.

Discussions are ongoing for annexation of land on the west side of town for Dollar General. Only one of the three property owners is willing to annex into the village at this time.

The next board meeting will be Dec. 6 at 7 pm in Village Hall.

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