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Prenzler questions SWIC shot mandate

by Randy Pierce

MADISON COUNTY — Medical freedom and informed consent are issues cited by Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler in a communication he has sent to Southwestern Illinois College concerning its requirement that a student get a coronavirus vaccination.

In the e-mail message to Ashley Becker, dean of the department of health science and homeland security at SWIC, that Prenzler has shared, he stated a young woman who resides in Madison County will have to enroll in another community college and travel a greater distance to get the radiological degree she wishes to pursue because of the stipulation involving the shot.

As explained by Prenzler, he learned as a result of a telephone conversation with Becker that SWIC does not always require COVID-19 vaccinations for its students but was told those in its health science department do have to have this because participating clinics with which they will be interacting call for it.

Along with explaining that a parent of the student impacted by this matter had contacted him for assistance, Prenzler noted that Becker additionally related to him an authorized medical exemption from the shot requirement would be permitted but not for those objecting on religious or philosophical grounds.

He further recommended SWIC find clinics which operate without a COVID vaccination policy and cited how the military service had rescinded a similar mandate after several of its recruits had abandoned participation and ceased pursuit of such a career.

“Many scientists and medical professionals believe the COVID shots did not help anyone and in fact hurt many,” Prenzler additionally told Becker, while adding that Madison County does not require the vaccinations for its employees.

In his concluding statement, Prenzler reminded Becker that SWIC is receiving about $11 million in property taxes from Madison County this year and asked that such programs as he referenced be designed to allow participants the freedom to choose whether or not to receive the vaccination.

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  1. Anonymous on November 26, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    This is why Kurt Prenzler is such a blessing to our community!

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